Saturday, February 26, 2005

Moody bout Foodie.

Even if you have the luxury of a maid who cooks for you at home, we still can't run away from having to eat restaurant food for lunch. Five days in a week-we have to think of where to go and what to eat. The first two weeks of the month, lunch is fun coz we're in money to go for a few small adventures, trying new places which are far far away (Bapak punya company ke?).

Now, after so many years of working, my colleagues and I do get to the point of arguing on who should decide where and what to eat and who'd be the company taxi. Thankfully, we have one fella who just loves to drive, if he's not available for lunch, we'll usually resort to just eating boring food downstairs of our office building (this place is like a cowboy street). But over time, things has gotten worse for me, I'll get on a boycott spree due to one of these reasons:

1. All the three restaurants downstairs just couldn't bother to change their daily choices.

2. It's enough we have to eat with the same people for breakfast, so as lunch. Everyone who patronises the restaurant downstairs are also the saaaame people who for some reason seem to be wearing the same thing everyday, maybe because they're all men?!?!?!.

3. The places that supposedly serve fair quality food serve them thoughtlessly.

There are still places where you go and all ready to gorge a delicious bowl of curry noddle in a big bowl but suddenly, the food court provides the short thin sushi matchsticks chopsticks for you to lift the heavy food up your face!!!

Take KFC for example, yes it is just fast food. When you have been to KFC for years you will notice that first they take the melamine plate away and substitute it with paper plates. A family meal place felt like bachelors' picnic. Stainless steel fork and spoon to plastic ones instead. That's sends me feeling like a second class citizen straight away. So of course we have to resort to eating dem chickens with the hands and later wash them off with soap that has been 10 times diluted in water.

I am happy to know that the cendol man infront of TTDI KFC however, care about customer satisfaction. He provides the big fat straw for take away customers, it (the straw) comes in yummy pink and purple colour.

And so as the 'Jenny Hong Tau Foo Far' (bean curd) selling from the mini vans, they provide the similar kind of straw for those who order 'Soya Cincau' drink.
How's that for low capital food sellers? It doesn't take much, yet they make us feel as if we're Starbuck's customer!

Yet, A&W provides chilled mugs to serve their root beer only at selected outlets, the rest, in paper cups. Let us Halal people enjoy this beer in chilled mugs too!

There was once at a Malay wedding held at the bride's home. The temperature was 37 degrees, we quickly took a bowl of ABC, newly shaven mound of ice. We were looking for the spoon high and low and finally found it... completely sunk in the ice coz it's the typical small little ones, a scoop as good as a teaspoon's. Not the way to enjoy ABC in any whether at all.

I hope hating to have lunch will help me lose weight. Well, but then..... this makes me end up having double serving for dinner.

You guys should try eating the 'Thai Porridge' in Kampung Bharu. Can you believe this place, all that dishes just to accompany a bowl of plain porridge. They provide soup scoup, full sized chopsticks, fork and spoon a pair of salt and pepper for every pair of customer. Cheap, tasty, adventuresome coz three dishes each time is a lot and you'd wanna come back and try other combinations.
Restoran Johan, Kampung Bharu

Canadians make good pizzas
The end of my hatred for pizzas people! Apart from having Shakey's, Pizza Hut and Domino's here which I haaate so much, we have a new addition; Canadian's Pizza. Luvvllyyy succulent tomatoes, chicken, pineapple everything on a thin bite till finish crust! I'm not surprised they dare to start out here although we're already swarmed with enough brands. Try it, even the website is screaming at you to make your first order.
Thanks Berukboy for the headsup.

The love of serving food is all about the love of seeing people feeling satisfied with their meal.

TTDI Activist.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Shall We Keep Dancing?

I decided, after watching the movie 'Shall We Dance', this is how my previous entry will end.

A bit about the movie.
John Clark (Richard Gere) got bored to death of his job (lawyer who writes wills for his clients) and mundane life. He has a wonderful and loving wife, a teenage daughter and son, but he has lost his passion for life. He secretly took up ballroom dancing classes in order to revive himself. That's where he got infected by all those passionate energies around him and dancing itself became such a magical thing to him and also towards his understanding family. He went beyond the awkwardness of a married man to get himself ethical resurrection. Why I said 'ethical resurrection'? Because he obviously love his family very much, while other men choose to get straight forward 'external service', this is a good example of generating good vibrations, bring it back home and further infect that vibrations towards his family.

The story is predictable, but try to appreciate the main idea and the dialogues instead.
***** ******** ** ***** ******

I am passionate about my job and yes it's just starting to get rather routine now, instead of giving up on the job, I prefer to find other things outside family and work to rejuvenate me who's already cozy inside my bubble. I love my friends, I know what they are passionate about but over time, I long to know other passionate people too, perhaps those I can also easily relate to. But to find new friends who may bring out other sentiments out of you and at the same time you can trust...hmmm? It's just not easy to find someone you can just hit it off easily when you are already snug in your nest, tired of handling silly school-timelike frictions anymore (and gosh it still happens!). Yeah, and tired of spending too much time contracting diabetes at the 'mamaks' while discussing those million dollar projects which we guarantee will never happen.

If not to revive myself, I'd still like to release those things I wish I could've shared or obtain more insights from other people outside my circle for a change. Afterall, we're as good as dead if we stop learning eih!

Now, if we continue to learn the same way from the same people everyday everyear, aren't we repeating ourselves.. like rewinding and forwarding the same CD instead of buying new ones or even write our own new songs?

In this matter, I am so sorry for those people who think people who blogs do not have a life. I don't learn anything out of clubbing every week, in fact, I don't learn anything out of playing ball every week too, they can be such hollow activities. We learn things through reading books and watching movies, and through this means, I learn about you and me.

I used to think that blogging is a great way to discuss even the most twisted, weakest, happiest, craziest side of us without the stigma of being gossiped and judged ON OUR FACE (what we don't know won't hurt us) as long as we remain a mysterious online journal writer.

But hey, how many thousands of bloggers are there in this country, let alone in this world who posts so many entries in a day/week? Yet, among aaaaaall these people, we found a few who are surprisingly living nearby, or having common interest in more than two or three topic of ponders, or accept our 'full of myself' garbs and horrible grammar, all in less than.... 3 months?

And to me, it takes a great strength of character to write in order to portray you're someone else, and keep writing only what you want people to see through blogging. Writing can be such passionate way of expressing oneself, just like dancing. So, how can I not feel so compelled to know these people in person? Can you?

I did think that bloggers should just remain as mysterious as possible among each other in order to sustain the bloglife. (Geeez, after awhile I hate calling you guys 'bloggers'). I do realise that there are those who took the extra mile to write just to make sure that apart from your own special interests, there's also something to accompany your friends' while going through their Monday blues or loneliness while they are far away from their homeland or there are those who share the lesson they learnt out of a certain feud so others' can take precautions, a feud they nor anyone would ever share in real life. This kind of generosity and humility, I witness everyday.

The first time I get to meet these people, I really felt like nothing but to give them the biggest hug first. I am not married like John Clark in 'Shall We Dance', maybe the awkwardness came from my great admiration and respect towards you guys, therefore hugs didn't even happen, I wasn't sure what to do nor what to say.

Yeap, it's grand to have an alternative dimension like this to discover new souls where we can take our time to examine and then comment on the contents of other's hearts and brains.

Pardon my physical awkwardness. Perhaps, everyday you still feel hugged by me by coming by here, just the way I feel everytime I go by yours.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Luke! Darth Fade0 and Princess Leia.

The untold story from my perspective.

On the IM:

Zain: Oi, wanna meet up?
Me: For what?
Zain: Jumpa Fade.
Me: Oh he reached here already? Dowan!
Zain: Jom laaaa.
Me: When?
Zain: Now, lunch.
Me: Are you that free? Where?
Zain: One U.
Me: Why so far?
Zain: I need to get sum birthday presents la... oi, you better come.
Me: I'll be late.

At One U.
SMS from Zain: Starbucks.
Me: *breathe in, breathe out. What the hell, I need to have lunch. What kinda lunch do I get at Starbucks? And yet I have to spend RM11 on a cuppa tall caramel frapuccino. Hmmm... on second thoughts, best jugak. Oklah!

I found myself checking my clothes out all of a sudden.
In my heart: What if this guy starts examining me the way he examines all those Kiwi chickas. Eerrkkhhhh..looked down, obiviously no cleavage! Right on!

Walked towards Zain and Fade. I was examining Fade from afar already. In my head, he's a big sized, beer bellied, jolly happy bespactacled insane geek guy.
It seemed like Zain fits the bill more (just kidding Zain!)...only because he's much taller than the guy seated infront of him.

I'm disappointed with my mind picture. Completely all wrong. A wide smile greeted me and he went "Haaaahaaahaaaaah!" just like the way Alf the alien laughs, with half the fur but instead, with Ali G's persona!

Me: Helllooo!
Fade: Have we met?
Me: Don't think so.
Fade: What a shame...
Me: *Tried to keep a straight face.
Aren't we having lunch?
Fade: Aaaaaaaah, I am just gonna have dessert. Haaahaahaaah!
In my heart: Sheaaattt, what happened to my un TKO'd flirting skills?! Come on, counter, counter!

Me at last, giggling already laaaaah. *Half defense down. Why should anyone take this harmless soul from downer under seriously?

We went on about work, life in general, I let Zain catch up with his good ole' friend on things. I continued to examine unintentionally; Fade is just like what he writes, everything is laced with his completely unabsurd, subtle sexual tease which obviously just meant to entertain, even towards himself. They are not to make you feel ashamed, but rather, just warms you up.

He intertwined his conversation with Zain by politely including me in here and there.
"So do you like what you see? Haaahaahaaaaaah"
Me: Yeah! Pleasant.(shheeaattt, I meant, I liked WHO I saw, as I/we all, have picked on his brains all this while).
Fade: So am I what you think I look like?
Me: *explained what I thought he might look like.
Me: Me?
Fade: Emmm..... I thought you might look like one of those KPP girls. Haaahaahaa!
Me: *tried to remember if he mentioned KPP girls in his entries. None.

And finally the conversation was among all of us, of course, he had to mention the infamous 4U2C and also covered the issues on ringgit peg and what it might do to our oil and gas trade, the TV programme for RTM which he did once (can you believe it? Fade? RTM?). I don't know if I'm overrating him. But he's obviously an instinctive genius who's aware of his surroundings, like the music that's playing, the gestures of people around him, other things are obviously playing in his mind while he's with us and yet the words that he uttered are filled with things to make us crack up with laughter. I tell you, even if he's not joking, he is already naturally funny, Poncho and Fakey already mentioned that!

Only this time, I was not disappointed that I found myself lost for words to go against his wits, I reckon I was being polite, instinctively too (heheh).

This is Part Two, Part One is here, Part Two is here. Wait up for Part Three.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

S'porean Way of Projecting Islam.

Just like Buddhism, the flavour is different in India, Thailand, China etc.
Just like Christianity, there's Scientology, Catholic, New Testament etc.
Islam is not left out for having the three orientations, Sunni, Shi'i Islam and Kharijis.

And different races which embrace a common religion may project it differently too.

Whatever religion it may be, in places where the level of intelligence and civilisation are higher, the better the way the society project what they stand for, at least that's how it should be. Being religious alone by practising everything that're asked by God without understanding the rationale behind it is useless.

What a big difference being just religious and being both religious and spiritually intelligent are.

I beg not to be labelled 'holier-than-thou' for saying the above. I may be digressing from what I really want to explain from the beauty I saw in this article I'd like to share, heads up of Shaukat Ali. It is such a gem to just let it fade away.

Written by: Shaukat AliFeb
15, 05 1:53pm
According to a report in the Singapore Straits Times recently, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) has drawn up a tentative list of 10 desirable attributes for Singapore Muslims.According to the report, Muis put together this list '... after much brainstorming and dialogues' and will further discuss it with the Muslim community in Singapore this year.
According to Muis, a Singapore Muslim -

1. holds strongly to Islamic principles, but yet is adaptable to change when applying them in response to contemporary issues and challenges.

2. is morally and spiritually strengthened to face the challenges of modern society, especially the changing economy.

3. knows about Islamic history and civilisation, and is intellectually equipped to understand Islam and contemporary issues of the Islamic world.

4. believes that a good Muslim is also a good citizen.

5. is well adjusted to living in a secular state and multi-religious society, and contributes to Singapore and global humanity, including taking leadership roles.

6. is progressive, keeps up with the demands of modern society and practises Islam beyond rituals or form.

7. appreciates the richness of other civilisations, and is self-confident enough to interact with others and is prepared to learn from them.

8. is inclusive and practises pluralism where this does not go against Islamic principles.

9. wants to be a blessing to other communities by embracing universal values and principles, thus transcending minority status.

10. aims to be a model and inspiration to others.

It seems to me that all of the above would be relevant in the Malaysian context, especially when one looks at the angst generated by campaigns to instil Islamic values by dictate. What the Muslim community in Singapore is trying to do, as part of its "Singapore Muslim identity" project should be observed closely by the appropriate institutions in Malaysia.

It is worth noting, as the report said, that Muis, as part of the project, has been encouraging mosques to reach out to non-Muslims and improve their understanding of the religion; and to urge the 'madrasah' or religious school students to learn the humanities and sciences, and not just subjects on religion.Mosque leaders also receive training and attend courses to learn about national issues facing Singapore and social issues facing a globalised world.

It is ironic that the Muslim community in Singapore does not need a Jabatan Agama Islam enforcement counterpart or a group of the mat skodeng to monitor issues of morality in a resolutely secular, cosmopolitan city-state.That in itself should give us in Malaysia much food for thought.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Sah Tangkap Basah! (Sure to get Wet!)

View from Salang Village, Tioman.

I know, the weather is a scorcher, the monsoon season is yet to be over... not a good idea to go to Pulau Tioman (Island), but the company gave us six off days! So? what the hell!

The price of not doing enough research before travelling is, you'll get into at least one mishap if not more. Perhentian and Langkawi has ferries, big and small speed boats almost hourly. Tioman however only provides two ferries and six speed boats per day, one ferry trip and three speed boat trips before noon and another set in the evening. On monsoon seasons, Oct till end of Feb, be prepared to get stranded during low tides. The ferry can keep you swaying for an hour before it can reach the jetty on your way back!

The few vessels carrying people to patronise the island could be one of the reasons this place is so clean. I regret having to be here still not as a scuba diver, the snorkelling scenes cannot compare to Perhentian Island's.

We stayed in Berjaya (yeah, what a loser! Tak berjaya langsung! The service is excellent, but it's too far from the snorkelling and diving hub). The better place to stay is in Salang Village as it is near all the scuba and snorkelling paradise therefore, the water commuting charges is much cheaper.

Salang is the only place in the whole island which provides excellent yet cheap restaurant food. HEAR THIS, Salang Indah Restaurant supplies Ais Krim Asam Boi! Don't play play 30 cents each only, TTDIans will feel so at home! However, the chalets are backpackers type (if you don't mind the damp pillows, smell of stale beer and semen laden mattresses by all means go ahead). A beautiful three star place is about to open, you go figure.

In other hotels around here, you really have to rely on in-house served F&B as the town is really not a worthwhile place to visit for any kind of alternative supplies.

Salang overlooks Tulai Island, we spent half a day exploring the waters there. The things I love about Tulai Island is that the beach is filled with many types of clam shells. Tourists are just plonked in the sea to snorkel and then they'd climb back up their boats therefore everything on the shore is pretty much untouched. The boulders are moss-less and barnacle-less. You'll have so much fun climbing them and not worry about forgetting to bring the plasters and blue lotion.

For couples who want great romantic ambience, I recommend Japa Mala at Genting, Tioman. If you have visited Tamarind Hills or Tamarind Restaurant in Ampang, Japa Mala is part of the group. So expect high quality foodies and interior design. Check their tree top chalets out!

Some other things to share about M'sian Islands:
Pulau Payar of Langkawi.
What's unique: Baby sharks right up the shores. No brainer coral viewing for non swimmers.
What sucks: Sea urchins and boat rate RM80 up to RM150 to and fro Langkawi-Payar.

Pulau Perhentian Kecil of Perhentian.
What's unique: No brainer coral viewing for non swimmers too. Resident turtles, 3 black tip resident sharks, big Parrot fish can be seen by just peeping under the water from the shore! Yes! Depending where you are, watching the turtles underwater is also just a swim away. Exotic food is everywhere. Water taxis are cheap.
What sucks: Too many third world country (M'sians!) tourists, chalets are run by any Tom, Dick and Harry thus waste management is really bad. Hundreds of small boats commuting the big and small island, snorkellers who like to dunk yourselves underwater, watch out!

Tioman is a duty free island, liquor and cigarettes are worthwhile. Their electronic stuff and branded tablewares are not worth considering at all. Don't waste your luggage space.

Whatever and whichever, you're sure to get wet 4/5 of the time!

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Counting those Blessings.

Warning: Perhaps this is my first 'dear diary' type of entry that's really full of myself. I don't mean to be boastful or downright childish in case it may sound that way, I am just reflecting on certain matters. It's not been my style but I think this one comes only once every 10 years from now :)


15th January, 2005: Numerous SMSs came in starting 12am. I could only go back to sleep at 3ish in the morning. Never have I been this nervous about my own birthday. I was too scared to sit down without anything to do coz that'll give me the time to reflect back and then regret on things I never achieved since I was 20.

Morning, 15th January: I woke up and stared at myself in the mirror, still nervous about what the age 30 would emotionally do to me. I have made a lot of plans to face the next 10 years. Like everyone else, I want to start each new day being a better person. Perhaps I'd try to be like Paula Malai Ali, get myself a J. Choo's shoes and sign up for a package in an ok spa?! I continued dressing up and made my way to work. No, I'll just stick to simple things.
Yeap, this is the time it is okay to put on red lipstick, tie the hair up in a bun, wear higher and sharper heels, waited for this moment to grace the real womanhood since I was 27 so people will stop thinking that I'm such a kid, oh well, the normal dilemma of any flat chested woman I guess. I've got biological autocruise when it comes to driving to work, what was running in my mind were:

* The roaring Hari Raya moments back then when my late father was still around, there were him and his 10 siblings and respective spouses and children at the dining table. Also, the roaring moments during office meetings among 12 to 20 of us. These two things rarely happen now. So much so, I have to initiate it to make it happen. It's okay, it's interesting to go through the learning process.

I enjoy the moment where the ambience is really made by the different kinds of characters that fills up the room. This is when whatever that is served on my plate is hardly touched coz I am afraid of losing a particular subject or expression someone had shared. It's a kind of wealth which you can breathe in and feel so warm inside about.
Hmmmm.......I wish my father is still around and be the wiseman who'd take a few decisions away from my hands.

I don't hope to have a huge family, it's too late to make that. However, I remember a proverb that says "Friends are relatives you make for yourself--Eustache Peschamps".

After 10 years of spending time to get to know friends and business partners (ugh!), I felt a certain kind of vacuum in my life. Blogging, too, made me realise that I should find out more about my own roots, get to know my own cousins and relatives too and in the process, perhaps, get to know myself even more. That's why, never have I gone back to Kelantan more than just for Hari Raya till lately, you hear a lot of stories about my hometown. I have made a lot of interesting discoveries. I felt more profound about who I am and where I am from. I'm glad these happen before I turned 30.

Back to my birthday story...ehm. Weeks after was a blast! It was never this way in any of my previous birthdays which were usually quite privately celebrated.

My one and only sister gave me three bags full of goodies from Ikea, glasses, serviette holder and the like. She knows how much I love to hold a do at home for friends.

My mother, the person I have always been so macho with about my feelings gave me two sets of jewelleries. It used to be just a card and a cake... really! But what I appreciated the most is the fact that I'm this age and she's of course growing older, not once has she bickered on when I should tie the knot. I really appreciate it that she trusted my decisions. I really hope her silence doesn't mean that she is disappointed in me. I definitely want bigger and worthwhile challenges. There are just too many strange characters in this world mom!

My best friend Shali whom I have known for the past 13 years and husband and parents. You treat me on your birthday, you treat me on my birthday. I'm humbled by that.

My best friend Epul whom I have known for the past 7 years, gosh... a car wash gift that turned out to be an Alpine CD player, a set of tweeter and new wipers. A soul brother you are.

A set of lovely orange Batek kurung, a Siamese sarong, a CD perfume, a cookbook on various ways to prepare shrimps written by 'Bubba Gump' given by Zain and a book titled 'Maps for the Lost Lovers' written by a Muslim in a foreign country (gosh, do I need to read this?) and a cleanly licked tub of Baskin Robbins still strewn around my room. I still have enough room to sleep on the bed without crushing these things.

Perhaps, although when I looked back and thought I don't have a family to call my own, I have friends and friends' families and of course my mother and sister who helped to lift my spirits up. My cats too, who're always there to welcome me home with long yawns although sometimes I forget to feed them.

My friends and I threw a small do at a club in KL end of last month, all us Carpricornus. It's nice to see that everyone gets along with everyone. My cousin gets along with my officemates that gets along with my friends's friends who get along with my sister's new friend who gets along with one another. If I were to have my own family, this is exactly what I wish to see, everyone are good and respect each other and knew how to make the best out of a particular moment. I cannot believe I could drag myself to a dancing party again... but hell, I was ready two hours before time! Too excited like that! Thanks for all that smile in your faces mates!

There's nothing more I would ask for but for the well being and continuous wealth to all these wonderful people who has made my life so meaningful.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Speedy FIAT.

J is a very dear friend of mine. She's an ultra chirpy, independent woman who heads her own department in a PR company. I think the only time there is not a sound coming from her is only when she gets her weekly indulgence in her hair saloon or when she's asleep. The way she tells her staff off when they're incompetent at meeting deadlines, I swear, if it was my boss that does that to me, out of ego-I'd resign..... but I won't leave.
But she also tells them off even if they don't treat the creative suppliers' right; apart from other humane matters. I can tell that's why her colleagues and superior cherish her alot. It took awhile for me to realise that she's a blabber with a big heart. I'm trying to pick up some of that trait, brutal honesty, to stop my own head from getting stepped on all over, but not getting there yet.
This woman would drive 60km or so to my place whenever she gets into a fit about something, usually with regards to her other half- yeap.. all the way from Bangi. Then when she gets into a break-up for good, there was a long pause for anymore Vietnam coffee at Charms.
She recently called and said, "I need woman power!"
I thought there must be some short fling she got involved with that didn't work and the guy is definitely a downright asshole.
We met, handphones on the table, Nescafe and tea ordered, Marlboro accompanied her opening.
J: You know, once in awhile, I'd notice this yellow FIAT when I had to stop at our traffic light on my way out to work. It's such a sexy car.
Me: FIAT apa? None of them looks sexy to me.
J: Uuuhhh, it's niiiiiccceee.
Me: Cepatla apa cerita.
J: Last weekend, a makcik from the neighbourhood came knocking on my door asking my mother if the SLK infront of the house belongs to her daughter.
Me: Oh my God, you hit the FIAT?
J: That's what my mother thought ok! Kereta mana pulak I dah langgar. Anyway, she admitted that the car belongs to her daughter and I was still asleep upstairs. This is early in the morning and my mom was still in her 'kaftan'.
Me: So?
J: She asked if my mom's daughter might still be an available bachelor.
Me: Whuuuaaaaa'???? Just like that? Is this your childhood friend's mom?
J: No. My mom was so honest, pergi cakap I memang single. I don't know what was in her mind you know, telling these things to strangers, in our own neighbourhood pulak tu, manalah tau...blaa, blaaa, blaa, blaaa!
I noticed the rate she was puffing up Marlboro was much faster than usual.
J: And can you believe it, she passed her son's phone number and requested ME to ask her son out. Dunia ni dah terbalik ke? And can you believe it, my mom took the number without telling her that her son's the one who should be calling. Blaaa... blaaa.blaaa...blaaa!
Me: You are so gonna marry her son! Wuuuu!!!
J: Waaiiittt! Next morning, the yellow FIAT wound down the window at the traffic light and signalled me to pull over.
In my heart: *Sah, sah dia tiba-tiba naive and ayu pergi pullover.
J: The guy stepped out and quickly apologized what his mother did. Can you imagine? It's the FIAT's owner's mom! What? He can't be admiring me in my S.mall L.ittle K.ancil while I was marvelling his car. How on earth did he single me out by just noticing my ugly car on the road?
Me: Is he cute?
J: Okkkkkaaayyylaaa. He looks like a player. Anyway I gave him a piece of my mind about the fact that his mother expecting neighbours daughter to call her prince up.
Me: What's his name?
J: Harris. He's 30.
In my heart: *I wonder in what fashion she asked those details.
Me: Sounds like a cute guy! Okay man, someone older, hopefully wiser. *I could hear myself grinning.
J: So..... he asked for my business card, to make things right la konon.
In my heart: *She definitely passed her business card to proudly tell what she does.
J: My business card doesn't contain my handphone number, so I gave him la.
But right before we left, he noticed my handphone number wasn't on it.
In my heart: *She definitely obliged.
J: I don't think he'd dare to call me pun.
Me: You are so gonna marry him! Ha haaaa!
J: Waiiiittt! On my way back, I stopped to buy cat's food near my house. And there he was in his Tshirt and bermudas. He said he was about to get Fried Kuey Teow for dinner and asked me to join him. He's such a player!
At this point she's squinting her eyes in dissatisfaction already.
Me: Did you join him?
J: He said he wants to make it up with me by buying me dinner.
*Sipped our tea and Nescafe, answered our SMSs....
Me: So you had dinner with him?
J: Yeaah.
Me: OH MY GODDD! You are sooo gonna marry him! Please let me blog this. If you guys get married, I'm so gonna say all this in my speech.
J: Blog laaaah.

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