Saturday, August 28, 2004

It takes the Sultan to make them give a flying f**k.

I am still thinking about my masterplan (without getting lost or having to call someone to rescue me or end up in another state and forcefully decide to stay there for good) to get to Kampung Kuantan after the sad story. At the petrol station, the sight of the fireflies issue on the first page of The Star gave me a jump start even before my car gets it on my Friday morning. I mean, it used to be about court cases about 'self inflicted' rape cases or about both husband and wife decided to give the property developer 8 years of chances to collect interest using their downpayment, whatever that can make the ethical press do tabloid indirectly.

For a change, The Star gives a damn coz I guess they wanna show that it takes the Sultan to make dem give a damn (heyh, wha do ah su'nly sounin lak a black mahma?)

I'm delighted to learn that Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah took the trouble to call back from London to address his concern. See, that makes me remember his long winded name now. Lucky it's just a phone call, not a howler like those seen in Harry Potter!

“I am more interested in seeing government agencies take immediate action than having to know that they are passing the buck. They shouldn't be in the dark over what to do to save the fireflies,'' said the Sultan in a telephone interview from London.

Dr Khir said he would heed the Sultan's directive and was equally concerned about the possible extinction of the fireflies, found in large numbers in Kuala Selangor.

The Sultan: Wants other natural resources protected too.

Yeah, of course you would heed the directive, put all your 'land' plans aside (like allowing low cost houses purchased by high income bracket earners).. for awhile, they won't get out of your sight! Maybe you should get involved in the action, get into the swamp too so you can lose your thick looks.

Next, I do suggest for the rest of the Sultans to take up public speaking classes, heard that they are highly educated but don't know for what good.. yet. All of them are about the same size physically, except for Sultan Azlan Shah. Would they just... make some noise without the 'Beta' and 'beradu', and 'santap' blaa! blaa!

How I long to hear other issues that comes to each state's respective Sultan's concern.

Oh, please God! I'm gonna be able to bring my future kids to see this creature, I really hope so.

Sultan Selangor, u rock! If your 13 year old son fancies mature, emotionally stable, fun, ravishing chic, who loves nature, call me (but not to be his future mother ah, pls)! Oh, I could borrow your driver to bring me places too.

Previous post on this matter: Firefighting for fireflies (see side bar)

Thursday, August 26, 2004

New Age Noah's Ark

It's school holiday and I'm testing out my misleading teaching abilities with my brothers. I was hoping that they would bring their previous test papers which could help me to study their areas of weaknesses and strengths and then tackle the right angle (fuiyooo!!). They brought none. So I desperately searched through the papers for those 'Pendidikan' supplement hoping there'd be something useful to use as an instant test papers. Suddenly I got sunked!

English for Science & Technology is one interesting subject.. for me! I remember watching this group of UPM students who proposed using rice husks. How? Well, first of course they'd suspend the oil slick using the floatline before a tanker comes to shoot rice husks unto it. Collected rice husks together with oil that sticks to it will then be squeezed to regather the oil. Even when the proposal was moved theoretically, we can point out a lot of flaw in it.

Not until the idea below came about, a new hope to save the earth's creatures, just that this time, they just need to stay put. Thanks to Dr. Omar Chaalal.
Now I wonder if any of this vessel is already carrying out its purpose.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Match Made in Office

Lydia and Graham - They were both newly hired, got to know each other, fell in love, left the company to find new means of earning money separately and slowly worked a very organised way towards tying the knot.

Sorry, I don't understand the concept of 'Match Made in Heaven'.

T'was my first experience attending a church wedding. Didn't know they'd sing their praises in Hokkien too! The Beriani rice and fried ice-cream was fantastic, worth our 'saman' fee! Heheehee!

Wonder how the kids fill up the forms in school to state his/her race.
Chinese + Eurasian = ?

Congratulations ya'both!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Firefighting for Fireflies

It's supposed to be a happy weekend for me since I got my car serviced, clothes washed, no weddings or visits to relatives' places; pending work.. chuck first lah. Got my hair washed after 4 days it's been oily (ok I ain't any sophisticated woman but it doesn't mean I don't care about hygiene at all!).
Until I heard about the extinction of fireflies news in the papers through Izwan! I don't know, call me a drama queen but the news of its extinction had reduced my energy like crazy, I couldn't wait to get home to read up about it. Boy am I glad, it came with picture evidences of environmental issues and source of food for fireflies. Thanks to all the researchers, we thoroughly understand the situation now.
While trying to redeem my childhood years when I didn't get to do many things, I have covered many places when I got myself a car early this year. I finally knew how to swim too, now that I can drive to the pool before it's closed!
I've walked through the whole of Lake Garden (which has Taman Orkid, Taman Burung, Tmn Rama Rama, even Nasi Lemak Tanglin and it's famous ikan bakar, got myself treated at only RM1 at Hospital Tanglin, everything there covered.) Went to Penang, Gua Tempurung, Pusat Sains Negara during the Nobel Prize Centennial Exhibition, Bukit Cahaya Alam blaa blaaa, whatever within driving reach with good road signs or with available maps.
The first thing I did once I'm not scared of the water anymore is get to Pulau Perhentian. I have visited Pulau Payar, Langkawi many times and snorkelled for hours there and always wanted to see more. To my dismay, I didn't see as many colours as in those aquariums I saw at Subang. It was nice at first to see so many parrot fish assemblying at one place as if they are holding a meeting. Then they'll shy away when we came splish-splashing clumsily with our flippers.
The corals were all brown and dry, only 1 out of 5 spots we went were nice. That's where I found the 'animone' coral which shelters the clown fish, popularly known as Nemo. I read the regulations and learnt that we were not supposed to touch the corals at all. Rules are definitely made to be broken by those itchy fingers!

Then, I don't think the idea of snorkelling is really good anymore, I started pedalling more cautiously as I feared my flippers would hit the corals although my hands are avoiding them.
We were lucky to catch the scene of mating turtles, then 5 boats carrying tourists from China (or were they M'sian Cina Bukit) thronged and started charging towards them to touch and take pictures. The turtles must be thinking "What a major turn off! Need to start all over again.". Mating turtles last for 4 to 5 hours, and that's only when the female agrees. Only then the male can easily make its manoeuvre.
Back to fireflies issue, I remember reading 'Aizuddin's entry asking where he could watch the fireflies. I have been pestering so many people to plan for a group visit to Kampung Kuantan. As usual, once you start working or have partners, going to places that have mosquitos and no air-conditioning is not such a good idea. If I'm some Tan Sri's daughter or provided with a company car, I'll just go there right now already. I still hope by the time I get the chance to go there, some are still left for the sight to be appreciated.
My suggestions:
Maximise the meaning of 'Fireflies Appreciation for Tourists' by doing these things with the help of a trained tourists guides:
  • Tourists watch fireflies.
  • Tourists help to clear a small part of the mangrove
  • Tourists help to replant the cultured snails
  • Number of boats for tourists per night is restricted.
Or rather, just enforce the same action taken on tourists places in Sipadan island, stop the visitings while the authority tries to mend the place.
We are just a small country, conserve the treasures we have fiercely.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Make AF and its kind coexist.

Since the birth of telecommunications technology here in Malaysia, especially after their existence have been stabilised through complete merger exercise, opportunists who are software developers, business visioners themselves have been looking for the best money making scheme by just riding on this telco wave. VOIP is one of them, sales of ringing tones and images etc.
Now obviously we can't stop advancements from, majority of the time, benefitting us.

AF and its kind ride well on media and telco advancement. How do we make them coexist? I realised that the answer is everywhere in PPS itself.

Factors that contribute to why we should make AF coexist:
1. See Asia Business Consulting posting on Family Values and Electronic Stuff. Or go straight to this article "Keep out: TV, DVD, Computers rule"
It simply explains how the society is experiencing communications breakdown (at home) due to our craze in embracing media and electronic technologies.

2. See 'Pak Lah using Akademi Fantasia to distract rakyat' article.
It simply explains how Pak Lah is fully responsible for not being able to stop 'pointless entertainment' and fully exercise his promise to implement Islam Hadhari fundamentals.

3. See Ngomongan's opinion on 'Faktor Kemunduran Umat Islam'. He explains that there are many other factors involved if one needs to address how the Muslims are backwards by being so inclined with SMS tied-in reality tv shows.

Point no 1.
It's a foreign article, let's be honest, it's happening here. Kid's and teenagers can't share much with their parents about Kill Bill, Gran Turismo, House music, how to use MMS -- for 6 days in a week, they eat out, watch big screen tv at mamak.
It's not cool for them to read newspapers' first four pages on general issues, let alone to speak to their parents what they think of the Menteri's or understsand dad's Semi Value's jokes or watch the news on TV in full, 5 days a week daddy and mummy will eat nasi bungkus but at home yet still watch tv (news, drama, straight forward movies).

Point no 2.
"Pak Lah! Stop this pointless entertainment!"
Hmmm... I just came back from lunch at Billion in obscure Bangi where they held a 'Pertandingan Nasyid' there. To my surprise, the judgeing format is the same as AF, M'sian Idol, etc! They had three judges there, over 20 nasyid teams from secondary schools and Uni's took part. The audience are made up of all Muslims male and female (takkan Cina tengok nasyid kot). The judges made comments on voice pitching, image, background music format, harmonising etc. I'm delighted, they have learnt how to be critical in terms of nasyid delivery format/style and how to make nasyid more popular not just among the listeners but also to those who want to build a career out of it. Raihan may be the first to identify the gap in the entertainment industry and pioneered it well.
Others may have learnt that being a professional entertainer is not a job just for stupid and dreamy people. Singing lesson is not as fun as going to the karaoke. We now know what is 'falsetto', 'rev', 'tahan di perut bukan di dada!', 'andalusia', semangat setiakawan, erti perjuangan dalam menimba ilmu.. blaa! blaa! Are these things pointless?? In many company's meetings nowadays, many people are getting more and more verbal, opinionated, critical, their minds has somehow been sharpened, wonder what has infected them? What has strenghtened their courage?

Point 3.
There are many other factors that makes 'Melayu Mundur'. I will contribute one factor, the inability to solve the conflicts within themselves. Someone identified the problem of Melayu Mundur and keep on concentrating on how to slander the country's leader and ask for this and that programmes to stop instead of gathering ppl to find a real solution.
It looks like we should really blame the world leader for making the internet technology exist coz now pornography is everywhere for free especially in Muslims countries. Yeah! It's the safest thing to do, since now you can even get jailed for humping the goat.
Oh, bloody fool Alexandar Graham Bell! If not because of you, SMS would have never existed, we would have saved a million pound!

In article above, 'Melayu Mundur' in UiTM Sabah made money out of banking on AF wave.
Excuse me! It has started to coexist even while I'm writing this article!

AF tv programme and those with similar type have lain a common subject for children and their parents to talk about, even quite dearly. So other than festive season, prayers or birthdays, this season (3 months in a year) is also helping to foster domestic communications. This for muslims, benefits the 'silaturrahim' (relationship among families, relatives and neighbours).

The collection of RM7.5million is a result of booming telco business in our country, the money is obtained out of conventional ways.

In Islam, we are taught to coexist (it means don't live to hate or be hated). My point is, there's a reason we are born in this age annnddd in this multiracial country. Ponder that instead of shouting to the empty cyberspace to stop everything. Pak Lah only gives a damn if we are lending a helping hand or offering sound opinions. If we can't handle ourselves being born in this environment, well, we can opt to move to Iraq, Arab where there's not bad influences which shakens our unstable 'iman'. Or if we can't afford to live far away, just move to Kelantan, just don't subscribe Astro, I know we won't watch AF but MTV and V channel also show soft porn.

My suggestions:
1. Monies. Come up with FREE AF fan club (provide benefits such as discounts on AF CD's as a way to give back). The promise to contribute RM200K to charity, get these fan-atics to join their idols to get hands on charity experience. Don't make it in the charity home, have it in a public place where they get more entertained. Again it will attract people, make RM200K double up, spectators who want to witness must donate any amount, but, fully donate the amount. So there's an 'aktivity yang bermanfaat'. RM200K is too little, maybe now Ministry and Finance can make a dialogue with the Muftis to set a balanced and fair amount and make more creative charity events with AF starlets a year long affair, this will inturn sustain the popularity of the ever growing number of AF starlets year after year.

Yes, I remember, in Islam 'berniaga' and 'berternak' are encouraged and when we obtain profits we are reminded to share it in order to stimulate the economy and it also serves the business owner a means to coexist with ppl of different walks of life. In this context, maybe Binariang is not a Muslim proprietorship business?! Securities Commission may get a new clause? Just like when we stop short selling in the arena of stockbroking?

2. AF website. Use it to share charity activities with the rest. Also use it as a portal for kids who want to know more about getting involved in entertainment business, how and where to attend singing lesson, provide free enrichment based articles regarding art, broadcasting, understanding show biz etc.
Publicise Rakan Muda updates through AF website so that finally being a part of Rakan Muda is cool since the target market is towards youngsters who are continuously looking for fun things to do, they don't want to do it with Azalina, but they would go for sports events with AF starlets, would they?!

3. If there are free AF concerts, broadcast it in AF site and inform that it is a way to give back to the society! Provide other knowledge enrichment type articles by getting the AF starlets to post it up.

4. Oh yes! The ratio between singers, song writers, lyricists will definitely become a serious subject even now, why don't Binariang or Astro build a school for entertainers. After all, intellectual property business is one of the most lucrative source of passive income, right Siti Nurhaliza? Spend just one month in the studio and you make how much out of each CD's and casettes and concerts?

5. Enable ppl to send music notes online, movie script that can fit all AF starlets as the cast, reward them well.
Over time, coexistence plans can solidify through getting ideas from the members of the fan club itself.

Over time, AF with more non Malay contestants will hopefully become a magnet to more non Malays and it will probably have to sit on its own server. What I would like to see is even if soon, AF has to be abolished due to oversupply of artists, the fans are still in unison because of other feeders that keep their minds busy beneficially.

It's obvious the rest of M'sia needs whatever the media and telco tech have to offer, of course they need us too. Poor S'pore, no such tv programme.
So can we let Pak Lah continue handling his high end tasks? My mother works with the ministry, I know his fight is more than 'membenteras rasuah' those who bitch about you do not know the inside story, the pains you have to go through to correct mistakes by previous leader of many years.
We can look after ourselves, we'll live our lives to its fullest, we can learn how to look after the needy too and we have a little more things to talk to our parents about (AF! for a start is not bad). Let's not take away people's laughter, roaring support, growing affections and spirit of sportsmanship.

I'm getting worried if I wake up late tomorrow, but I will feed more if things comes up tomorrow morning and the day after and the day after.... yaawwnnn! Yaawwnnn!!!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Questions for Siti Nurhaliza, the IT Embassador for Samsung.

Being The Real Public Figure she is.

Zainframe (choose 'This is not another DOOM Posting' - since he doesn't have a permalink) can definitely spend all his time doing this because... he has so much time. But he had brought out the irony of brand owners hiring embassadors/talents just to provide 'face' value unto their products. While other more prestigeous brands are particular about how many products their talents are already tied to, the regulations to keep the contract exclusive don't seem to apply with her.

She's also Konica/Minolta's (Samsung has clashing products too) embassador, I'm sure she knows how to use the digicam well!!. And in the product mix, she has definitely stirred everything well under her name, Maybelline, Jusco's charity embassador, Cuti-Cuti Malaysia, Bulan Sabit Merah M'sia, Taj Mahal rice etc. She's one of the icons for Asia Bagus, but so as Bintang RTM and now hired by Astro for Akademi Fantasia concerts in M'sia, where in it she promotes Maxis Hotlink when she also used to be the embassador for Time dotCom.

It's like everyone assumes although she's the 'mascot' for many brands, it will not dilute the market responds.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

80's music is my life companion.

Another long day at work. Luckily we're blessed with the freedom to connect whatever to our PCs, a good sound system and some CD's have been keeping me accompanied through these years. But cum year 2000 all the songs tend to sound about the same, don't bother to know them coz the lyrics are meaningless, even the melodies don't allow your hormones to circulate in a complete circle. So I haven't gotten myself any new CD's for quite some time.
Haven't been watching MTV and V channel too, all the video clips show nothing but soft porn, the same booty shakin' dance routine, all the black singers faces and butts look almost alike, white gal starlets seem to rev their voices the same way as C. Aguilera, very repetitive chorus. Guess it's a short cut to cut albums fast. Ugh!
The 80's era rocks, forever it will!
Toto is one of my favourites, the songs are suitable for long journey listening or during rain falls, the piano seem to humm along the cruising. Nobody expresses frustrations in lyrics the way Toto does because even if you listen to the whole CD in instrumental version, everyone will get the same inference and vibe.

Such a simple lyric, but the music brought it to an infinite depth. What does 'as soon as forever is through' means to you?


Some people live their dreams
Some people close their eyes
Some people’s destiny
Passes by

There are no guarantees
There are no alibis
That’s how our love must be
Don’t ask why

It takes some time
God knows how long
I know that I can forget you

As soon as my heart stops breakin’
As soon as forever is through
I’ll be over you

Remembering times gone by
Promises we once made
What are the reasons why
Nothing stays the same

There were the nights holding you close
Someday I’ll try to forget them
Someday I’ll be over you


Saturday, August 07, 2004

Akademi Fantasia, realiti di sebalik realiti.

Terang sekali yang mengutuk Mas pada hakikatnya kabur pandangan, yang kamu semua bencikan bukanlah Mas yang luhur dan ikhlas, disebalik itu, kamu keliru bahawa perasaan itu adalah untuk pengundi-pengundinya dan juga panel pengkritik yang bertali-tali memberikan Mas semangat untuk terus berjuang. Tapi Mas yang jadi mangsa yang perlu mendengar sendiri segala penghinaan. Dia seorang sahaja yang terfikir untuk mengucapkan 'Yang bayar bil banyak untuk undi Mas, terima kasih. Semoga Tuhan murahkan rezeki anda semua'. Dan kita tahu ucapan itu ikhlas sekali.

Terang sekali kamu yang anti rancangan Akademi Fantasia pada hakikatnya mengikuti segala perkembangan Akademi Fantasia itu sendiri. Kalau tidak masakan kamu semua dapat cari modal untuk melemparkan kutukan seorang demi seorang murid Akademi yang peliknya kamu begitu kenali. Apa lagi perkara yang bermanfaat untuk masyarakat yang kamu boleh buat sebaik berakhir episod AF, semoga berjaya!

Terang sekali rakyat Melayu Malaysia paling dermawan bila sampai cerita kesusahan, penderitaan dan apa apa permintaan yang ikhlas untuk bantuan. Saya percaya itulah sebab utama mereka bermurah hati berhabis dengan bil telefon, kerana kalau permintaan derma untuk menyekolahkan Mas ke sekolah seni drama atau nyanyian melalui cara itu pun tentu bagaikan air hujan yang turun dari langit datangnya pertolongan. Perbelanjaan cara SMS terlalu mudah, spontan, tak perlu fikir, berbanding mendepositkan wang ke dalam akaun bank.

Itulah yang terang, orang kita, daripada menggunakan tangan sendiri, bakat dan wang untuk membantu keadaan negara, sebaliknya mencari bahan apa saja yang menjadi subjek popular untuk menjatuhkan ketua negara hanya untuk mendapat perhatian orang agar datang berbual kosong dan riak... Pak Lah jadi mangsa?. Menghapus kemiskinan, rasuah dan sebagainya dalam masa baru setahun nampaknya belum cukup memuaskan hati mereka.
*link=pilih artikel 'Praise for Pak Lah'.

Yang diam pula mencari cara untuk membantu dan langsung tak kisah apa yang di api-apikan. Carilah lagi modal lain untuk membantu orang yang memerlukan, tanpa hanyut hingga membazir, tanpa celupar menunjukkan riak, tanpa sesaat lupakan Tuhan.

Pertama kali saya akan menyaksikan acara ini sendiri di dewan minggu depan. Saya rasa seronok menghulurkan dua tiket barisan ke14 dari pentas kepada pemandu van syarikat, dapat juga dia berhibur bersama isterinya dengan hanya RM60 sambil menderma.

Acara bola sepak atau badminton di stadium, di mana kalangan Melayu juga adalah majoriti yang bersorak-jerit, sepak-terajang dan melontar bermacam kata-kata... rasanya penonton konsert begitu juga tetapi kurang kerana penonton wanita yang sopan-santun ramai, belum ada lagi yang sampai lari bogel lupa diri atau menangis sampai sujud ke lantai. Semuanya akan pulang dengan.. bukan semangat lupa Tuhan dan mengagung dan menyembah artis AF, tapi dengan penuh semangat kesukanan!

Yang baru saya sedar, kemeriahanmu Malaysia.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A job that no locals would want.

NST 3rd Aug.
A job that no locals would want

THOSE who advocate that locals should be recruited to work in Indian restaurants have failed to understand why the owners prefer foreigners, especially from Tamil Nadu.
These Tamil workers on average are paid a meagre RM580 per mth.
They are also provided with three meals a day and a place to sleep.
They are required to work a 12 hour shift, day or night, and in some restaurants they are forbidden to sit down and rest.
There are no EPF or Socso payments. They are allowed only two days' leave in a month. In most cases, their passports are kept by the owners. The work is hard and arduous, especially at peak hours.
Many workers have to service a loan of 70K to 80k rupees (RM5,810 to RM6,640) which they had borrowed from money-lenders back home to pay the agents who enabled them to come over and work.
Would locals find these conditions attractive enough to slave in Indian Restaurants?
Veloo Saminathan-Kuala Lumpur

This article above is self explanatory. I am not capable of writing to the newspapers about my thoughts due to my bad grammar that's why I blog and talk to an empty cyberspace.

I appreciate those who take the trouble to share facts and numbers in proving their points. Shame on you who advocate this idea without better reasons or more diplomatic ways to curb whatever the problem is because the Indians have filled in the gap well and clean. They have not caused any problems to the society except for obesity and diabetes, but that's not their choice.

My answer to Mr. Veloo's last sentence is no, we won't find those conditions attractive. I do notice that they are well monitored though compared to the Indon workers who always go astray after their contract is over, thus the Indian shops worker management system should be used as as example to most construction companies who hire the Indons.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

This Bill is so alive.

It must be such a daunting experience for Bill Clinton to had held his tears for that long during Oprah's recent interview with him about 'My Life'. His voice didn't crack a single bit. I thought by writing the book, he could hide his guilt behind big, beautiful lieswords which he could use to redeem himself with. I didn't eat the whole day last Sunday and food was what I wanted to dedicate my hour to but the intense remorse I could hear in Bill's voice was too calling... it's his own words there in his book and even his eyes told the truth. Other than in form of money, he gained forgiveness in its real form too.

The one thing I envy about Americans is their ability in being very frank. And having someone like Oprah to be in the Fortune 500 list for knowing how to bank on her country's strength.

Over here, frankness is always misunderstood as rudeness. Hardly anyone can look at themselves and accept their imperfections with humility. Credits for Simon Cowell although he's not an American, through American Idol, he had shown that it is he who is the real idol-he validates the existence of the whole show. The world received a free lesson on The Art of Brutal Honesty from him. His views against the world, one after another consistently and yet that made his approval most sought after and most meaningful.

We are so misunderstood that we are bound by our graceful Asian culture that supposedly shy us against the deepest and the truth. It is such a relief there's Marina Mahathir who steps forward to educate everyone furiously about HIV although she could just drown herself in glamour and glitter. There's nothing ungraceful or taboo in teaching people how to use the condom and practise safe sex, that's better than trying to tell everyone not to have extra marital sex cause it still happens as often we take our breath. Which brings my point on why 'Tak Nak's strategies are so silly, RM100million, half can be invested into real solutions.

I think beyond various local and foreign reality tv shows and even National Service, is a good platform for people to learn how to laugh at themselves (coz I know a lot of people went for the reality tv shows shortlisting and NS to test their fear), judge people and then look within ourselves, be laughed at, accept criticisms, be critical constructively, be expressive free spiritedly, be you when you voice something out.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Mamaks are truely Malaysians!

It was a rare morning for me today, although it was raining I woke up early to facilitate a presentation although we don't work on Saturdays. I took advantage of the peaceful roads in KL by running my errands at the Citibank. Was early for the presentation so I sat at a coffee shop situated in the car park area. The owner is an Indian, it's a self service shop. So I took some nasi goreng and ordered one teh. If this is how mamak shops are going to be, we M'sians will go to sleep much much earlier and maaaaybe also be saved from possibilities of getting diabetes and such. Hey, but we still need the 'Eau de Canai','Pour Dhal','Parfum de Kari' environment for weekend breakfasts at least!! My colleague, Saiful said 'Mamaks are truely Malaysians' and I felt dearly towards that statement... I know it's so dramatic. I had to walk to the counter to pay for the food and drinks, but it's breakfast and I prefer to be served all the way till the minute I need to go off.

I nearly fell off my chair after reading Papimami's blog about the same thing. Now here's a blogger with a unique style, simple layout yet the content... he would laborously type out line by line dialogues instead of words in paragraphs so that you can imagine yourself as a cast inside the drama itself! It really deserves a second read in case you guys went in and thought it's too long winded, try again.

Back to the mamak (be it mamak Penang or original India mari punya) matter, I do hope the government would just decide on stopping new licences for anymore new outlets, let alone new chain. But let the current ones stay the same in every way, but if the nasi kandar rate can lower down good also!

I'm sorry if it's prejudice to say some specializations come with the ethnic. Who else can run 18-24 hrs business like them? We can stay up until morning but only if we specialize in 'tok kok' session discussing million dollar business which will never happen. It's symbiotic, we need them, they need us. Malaysia meriah kerana muhibbah.

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