Monday, July 28, 2008

Siapa itu Kabir Bhatia?

Who is Kabir Bhatia?

I got the answer one week after I post this subject from Afdlin's blog.

[Aku sekarang ni tengah melalui perjalanan penggambaran sebuah filem berjudul 'STAMP'.
Filem ini diarah oleh sahabat lama aku dari zaman Bila Larut Malam aku, Khabir Bahtia.

Khabir is an Indian director from india who moved to Malaysia during the Antah UTV days and fell in love with Malaysia (or maybe the possibility of work here was higher, heehee...), got married here and never went back.

A very talented director, it was just a matter of time before he started directing films, i used to tell myself that, because of his vision, he will definitely make a fine filmmaker and sure enough, his first break came when he was offered to direct 'CINTA'.

Love it or hate it, the movie won accolades and another star was born in the Malaysian Film industry. He is now directing his fourth feature after CINTA (LOVE) versi Indonesia and SEPI (in which i had the pleasure to work with him too).

Not only has He got a great eye for story telling but his strength also lies in his ability towork with actors well. STAMP is a really fun story ala OCEAN 11, meets lock, stock and two smoking barrels macam tu la. It stars Me, Rashidi Ishak (my buddy from my first acting gig with Shuhaimi Baba, 'MIMPI MOON'), His wife; the wonderful Vanidah Imran, Que Haider, Indi Nadarajah (from 'Indi and Alan' fame and last seen as Mr Leong in Hans Isaac's CUCI).

It was supposed to star MAYA KARIN as well but she pulled out due to scheduling Issues. Personally i think it is going to turn out to be a great film.]

Mr. Kabir, your movie is fantastic but why did you allow the preview editor to show the accident scene as the preview????? Why laaa???

The only twist and story connector in the movie Sepi, is the accident scene, and thank God I didn't bother to look at any preview before we watched the movie.]

There's so many write-ups and interviews on Usop Haslam, but there's none on him.

I know from my husband that the director of the movie, Sepi is someone he knew during his studies.


….. watching it sure made everyone, even those who thinks they live the happiest life; feels there is some ‘Sepi’ in their lives. It sure pulled that self-pity chord in us. It sure made everyone had their pathetic minute in the cinema.

The cinematography for all the three storyline is so seamless that it enables the viewers feel that we are IN the story ourselves. So intensifying.

He doesn't bother to get low intellect journalist from URTV of Pancaindera to write about the movie while it is being done. The selling point is just its honest storyline.

Nevertheless, the movie was on one for a month.

Will someone point me to any biodata on this director. Pleeasseee, take me as your actress, I'll do it for free!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pegaga, Carrot and Apple.

Ubi Keledek with Probiotic baby cereal or To Fu.
Organic Fruits with Probiotic baby cereal or To Fu.

100% pureed vegies, no carbo mixed in, only citrussy fruits to disguise the taste.

It's so much fun concocting food mixtures for him. Pegaga is a new experiment and he has no qualms.

He still wakes up 3 times a night for his milk. His daddy will still patiently make his milk and I will make sure the bottle is held up until he pushes it out of his mouth.

Kuat makan.... he thinks he is capable of holding his spoon and feeds himself, so it's always a strength fight between me and him when the spoon is in his mouth. He'd stand up to ensure his mouth gets nearer to the spoon if I am distracted by something else.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Quick Swerve to The Curve

Dear Diary,

I find it so typical that only mothers make all family arrangements for the family. It's always complicated but rewarding as much. When you have a maid, tho she looks after the family, it is no longer just your husband and the baby that we do need to manage, it is also as important that the full time caretaker of the baby doesn't feel left out too kan.

Must say that The Curve is the most baby friendly, family friendly spot in town.
Me : I got a secret.

Hubs: Cepat la cakaaaaap.

Me : Susah la, but I got a secret, ok.

Lepas tu kena cubit.

Me : Okaylah, we're going to spend one night at Royale Bintang this weekend. You, me, Jojjoj (the baby) and bibik sekali. I have the whole itinerary done. Shakira helped me to get staff price for a family suite.

Hubs: So near!!!!

Me : Jom je laaa, nak drive gi Cameron's lama laaa nak sampai.


We jatted off to Bagan Lalang in the morning to buy the family's month long seafood provision. Brought the tiffin carrier and packed freshly cooked rice and seafood cooked kampung style that costed us only RM25 for 4 dishes!

The 2 kilos of Tenggiri Bunga, 2 kilos of Sotong, 3 kilos of Kembung, One Ikan Nabi, 1 1/2 kilos of Udang Kertas, 2 Golden Pomfrets, 1 kilo of Selar Kuning, 1 kilo of Tenggiri Papan, 2 Jenahak for only RM110!!!

Drove back, stuffed everything in the fridge, cleaned baby's poo. Jatted off to R. Bintang, The Curve.

The whole of The Curve just started it's round of Mega Sale. This is double jack-pot!

There's one flat screen TV for Amer to watch NickleO and Bibik to watch her drama. Another one to watch mummy and daddy doze off after the tiffin carrier lunch that almost spilled over as Amer could reach the low table from his walker.

We were too tired but I can't help watching Amer flying about in his walker checking out hidden corners of a new place. Can't wait to soak in the bath tub with him now, nope nope, daddy can wait.

There's enough meal in the tiffin carrier for Bibik to eat dinner. So we could eat in Tony Roma's guilt free (she doesn't eat meat). There's a little corner just nice for us to place the stroller with Amer sound asleep in it.

He watched so many colours of the flea market dengan mulut ternganga.

Went upstairs, read Amer his books and we were even more dead tired.

Me : I got another secret.

Hubs: Cepaaatttlaaaaaa cakaaaappppp.

Showed him the ticket booking print out of 'Sepi' at 9:50pm

Hubs: Cerita apa tu? Yang by Kabir Bhatia tu ke?

I nodded.

...... shit, it was a damn good movie. I know, hubs must be all turned on by Vanida Imran, but it's ok, I was all intrigued about Tony Eusoff.

Next morning, as we sat ourselves for breakfast. Amer was fast asleep again in the stroller. For once, no Cina bukit and Melayu jakun piling up the plates and jumping queues. Bibik looked the most civilized, she had only two mini sausages and one roti canai on her plate.

Sunday evening, 6th July.
Me : Are we going to make out?

He pretended to snore, I pretended to snore back -- into a content sleep.

But I know.... everyone's happy. Especially Amer, he was carried on his daddy's stomach and my stomach a lot. It's going to be a long 5 days after when he's going to miss the proximity.. is it him or is it us?

Shakira! If you read this, for less than RM400 per head, this is damn worth it! Thank you!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Zacreigh is now 6 mths old.

Aunty Lina,

I know you are somewhere in Paris now. Mummy is worried that you haven’t called in ages.

I am six months old now. I just recovered from quite a bad bout of purging. My butt was all red and it is difficult for me to run on my walker with that feeling. Mummy kept putting her nose in my diaper until she knows that my stools are no longer watery. I know… eeuugghhhhhhh!!!

Yeah, mummy already put me on the walker when I was 5 mths old. I’m bored of laying down and playing with all that silly things in my play gym.

They just installed a gate at the kitchen door. Can you please tell mummy to take the gate off. How am I supposed to teach Bibik how to make my porridge right?

I have already started eating porridge and soft cereal at the age of 5 mths. Luckily mummy noticed how I drool to the smell of their dinner every night.

I love to see all my big friends playing in the evening around the swimming pool, but there’s always mosquitoes biting my legs and forearms, I know mummy is going to ban Bibik from allowing me to watch them play.

You should try to call mummy back ok.

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