Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Blind Side.

It's been so long since I last wrote a movie review.

That's obviously because I haven't come across an ol' skool storyline and movie concept to watch. Sci-fi movies hardly have anything anyone can learn from.

I was very pleased to see how Sandra Bullock had improved herself.

'The Blind Side'.... just a perfect movie for me while going through my current phase; motherhood; which do not necessarily denote one can be one only if we bear our own child and that's so beautiful.

The movie is about a black boy from the bronx who was unintentionally adopted by an upper middle class white family. Mike, that's his name, very nimble with ball games and that somehow got him into a good high school.

What caught my deepest interest was when Sandra was studying Mike's academic background and found that almosts everything fared way below average, except for one -- protective instincts. Mike scores 98% for it.

Now... I'll skip the whole story line. This movie is based on a true story, so I want to know how protective instincts is being measured.

To my surprise, google, yahoo search, only gave me results which relates protective instincts to virtues of dogs!!!

The least what's written in the cyberspace should try to relate protective instincts to daddies or husbands. But NONE, ZILCH, TAKDE!

Kalau nak google for characteristics tests for other characteristics punya la banyak ada.

You know... sometimes, it is not just through havings pets at home that could help to bridge the gap in certain families, it could also be through adopting a child or having an extended parent. Something like having a love energizer.

To digress back to the movie, I think Sandra Bullock and Big Mike did a great job at making the characters touch its viewers' hearts.

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