Saturday, November 06, 2010

To Kill Kejahilan?

I remember once Uncle Aziz told me, 'human kind nowadays would fight by using their intelligence and selfishness.' He said that after his forearms was badly bruised by a very blunt parang when he tried to help a stranger's luxury car from being stolen.

He tried all his might to help including banging the thief's car with his -- while other people just used their intelligence and selfishness; call the police or sit and watch.

... a far cry from the Rasulullah s.w.t's age when people fight far and wide with sweat and blood to spread the truth and to kill kejahilan.

If I had existed in that age or even in the Star Wars movie and I'm asked to fight like other men, hell I will, hellufa fun!

If we have more of people like my uncle around, that would be more comforting. He's the kind that would try to make people laugh, tell stories and helps out fiercely.

I woke up recently, suddenly all worried about Amer. As I was about to go through a tongue battle at work. What if it leads to me losing my job, will my husband suddenly find a sense of rejection he never knew would come up for me, will I stop being able to also buy things at an impulse for the family, oh no... I wouldn't be able to provide to mom anymore tho of course she could feed herself. My sense of validity will be gone, that's what I was so worried of. Which.... wickedly, all falls on ownership of material, of ego.

And why do I keep bothering if things are well for everyone, if I failed that day, would anyone help me out? The answer is the obvious grave dark 'NO!'.

Monday, September 06, 2010

No Sex in the City

jaz77: awak

blademaine: apa

jaz77: was ibunda?

blademaine: ini mesti u tak jadi pegi ni

jaz77: laa...cakap was it?

blademaine: ok la

jaz77: ok je?

jaz77: awak duduk luar ke dalam?

blademaine: alamak lupa posa

jaz77: cheh

jaz77: kita tanya lain awak cakap tak pegi la kot ibunda tu?

blademaine: tak pegiiiiiiii

jaz77: what??

jaz77: why. what happened la?

blademaine: hahah.... Rizal decided to cook instead.

jaz77: me and sofia had a great time

jaz77: we loooooooveeeeeee the food

blademaine: i rasa korang kawin kot

jaz77: dia dah kawen la

jaz77: we took lots of pictures

jaz77: we talked

jaz77: we laughed

jaz77: we smoked

jaz77: we ate

blademaine: ok.....kompem kawin

jaz77: ...if she was single..they would be *we had sex* somewhere in there

jaz77: camne nak kawen..dia dah kawen la awakkk

blademaine: can u please not kill the subject!!!!!
it's just for the hell of a conversation la

blademaine: u can't have sex in a restaurant can u

jaz77: hahaha

jaz77: eer..can

jaz77: kalau ambik private room boleh

blademaine: kepala howtak u la

jaz77: quicky la...

jaz77: ala macam cerita cerita mat salleh tu

jaz77: anywaysss...the food was awesome la wak

blademaine: citer mat salleh? citer ninja boleh la kot

jaz77: plus the ghazal band was superb

blademaine: gayut kat lampu

jaz77: gayut kat lampu? wow..thats a new one..havent seen that one before

jaz77: must be monkey style

blademaine: u ni bowdowh la

blademaine: haaa, dengan dua 'w' lagi

jaz77: ooooo

blademaine: oooo apa

jaz77: oooo la la

blademaine: u baru tawu ye u tu tak pandai

jaz77: baru je tawu...sebab semalam tak makan tahu..

jaz77: awak kalau ada time awak try la gi ibunda buka posa

jaz77: memang best la awak

blademaine: looks like i got to do it tmrw

jaz77: dia bagi air botol sarsi, ice cream soda yang old skool tu

jaz77: Mui Teng Loong Hup Kee Sdn Bhd..di buat di Kota Bharu

jaz77: got pulut kukus makan dengan ikan masin got ikan kukus

jaz77: got rendang tok with lemang and ketupat

jaz77: laksa asam dia gila powerrrr

blademaine: wuiyo

jaz77: sup campur (paru, perut, limpa, daging, ayam)

jaz77: ikan bakar ngan peha kambing goreng

jaz77: and that is just the stalls punya food

jaz77: the main dish is lamb shank, ayam ntah apa benda, daging kicap and udang galah gulai

jaz77: oh, they also got udang galah masak lomak cili padi

jaz77: fuuuhhh...

jaz77: buah kurma dipped in white chocolate and milk chocolate

blademaine: hogh my GOd

jaz77: i got the pictures..tunggu sofia update blog dia

jaz77: and the nasi the best i have ever tasted in my life

jaz77: worth mentioning would be the air botol

jaz77: pulut kukus with ikan masin, asam laksa kowwww dia

jaz77: and the bryani rice

jaz77: owh and the kicap cili goreng

jaz77: we believe the cili telah digoreng sebelum di kicapkan

jaz77: the taste is quite unbelieaveble

blademaine: i think sebab u dilamun cinta laaaa

blademaine: tu sebab semuanya beyootipool

jaz77: no lah..Shangri La Putrajaya sucked

blademaine: really?

jaz77: good thing the view compensated for it all

jaz77: sucked

jaz77: infact Grand Dorsett Subang is much least got oysters, sushi, sup gearbox and the amazing cheesecake

blademaine: tell me.... brapa kali dah dating ni?

jaz77: 2 kali je

jaz77: bulan ramadhan ni, pastu temankan dia hantar kuih kat ampang..

blademaine: nak pegi merisik nanti... I NAK IKUT!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Don't Take it Away from us.

I watched Majalah 3 last night about 'Pengawet'. About this 70 year old man who is the ONLY pakar pengawet (taxidermist) in Malaysia. His work is brilliant, I think
it is the expertise of a neurosurgeon and an artist put together. Strange that only
the older generation that still leaves hints of patient labours, such as tukang ukir, tukang awet, tukang tenun etc. Newer generations -- anything that produces fast results please.

It's a long impending thought about abolishing PMR and UPSR.

I wonder what triggered people to realise that our students are too prepared for study hard pattern, there are too many thoughts read in the papers.

So does it mean SPM is the only valid exam? To prove that it will not make Malaysian students study study study study aje?


I dunno, I just want to nurture my intuition to address this matter, on not just Malaysian, but all Asians jiwa. Jiwa kita, jiwa seni, kalau bukan, jiwa pemikir, kalau bukan pun, jiwa berbakti pada tanah. If we have travelled to Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Japan, Korea these virtues on jiwa orang Asia are totally nurtured and people are way lot more tenteram and their country's identity is a lot more protected.

1. It all balls down to child and parentage relationship.
2. It balls down too on what newly married couples want in their marriage.

I wonder if it is fair to say 80% of people who makan gaji like me out there wonders if this is it to life? Five days week going through just sapping happy energy from work mates or probable 5 months bonus at the end of the year.

What happens when our child could not finish his lego set to build a simple house is snatched away because it makes the hall looks cluttered too long.

What happens when our child repeats about helicopters or Transformers a hundred times untiresomely and we just ignore it.

What happens when our child ask us, 'What is this mama?' we just shrug them off.

And then in contrary we wonder why our society just love short lived entertainment such as reading URTV that doesn't teach anyone anything, and short lived spirit lifting Akademi Fantasia.

As compared to kids whose parents who nurture them when they reach the park and all they wanted to find is a piece of stick that dropped down from the tree. Or a little pebble that looks exactly like a little egg, or catch a baby prawn from the heavily flowing stream.

How come peole do not wonder why the Eastern people have the capability to build something from scratch, follow a very methodical steps to grow an idea or curiosity and when they reach their results, would even measure that result.

And throughout carrying out their idea that becomes a business such as Google for example, people who are raised to know only how to carry out routine things will makan gaji for them to reach their results.

Because we do not have the patience to wait for the damn results, maybe because when we grow up, we tried to learn how to use the sewing machine, but mom got tired of the wasted expensive threads and dad thinks it is dangerous, so we had to stop. Then we tried to take up art, but mom and dad thinks that all artists are nobody.

Moms and dads think, graduating and securing a job with the world's giants is the only promising way to a successful life.

Selagi moms and dads lebih sebok habiskan masa makan gaji sampai malam, would their children discover the so many wonders of life within nature, within their curiosity?

... and the vicious cycle continues kan.

Kalau negara nak berjaya, dua benda kena buat. Whether we like it or not, women are the moulders of the society. If the government enforces work from home policies for women as soon as they have their first child and also enforces childhood psychology for every women to learn since secondary school, it may start altering something.

Perhaps better used soil, perhaps instead of more artisans, we get world reknowned architects, perhaps more political and economics writers.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Blind Side.

It's been so long since I last wrote a movie review.

That's obviously because I haven't come across an ol' skool storyline and movie concept to watch. Sci-fi movies hardly have anything anyone can learn from.

I was very pleased to see how Sandra Bullock had improved herself.

'The Blind Side'.... just a perfect movie for me while going through my current phase; motherhood; which do not necessarily denote one can be one only if we bear our own child and that's so beautiful.

The movie is about a black boy from the bronx who was unintentionally adopted by an upper middle class white family. Mike, that's his name, very nimble with ball games and that somehow got him into a good high school.

What caught my deepest interest was when Sandra was studying Mike's academic background and found that almosts everything fared way below average, except for one -- protective instincts. Mike scores 98% for it.

Now... I'll skip the whole story line. This movie is based on a true story, so I want to know how protective instincts is being measured.

To my surprise, google, yahoo search, only gave me results which relates protective instincts to virtues of dogs!!!

The least what's written in the cyberspace should try to relate protective instincts to daddies or husbands. But NONE, ZILCH, TAKDE!

Kalau nak google for characteristics tests for other characteristics punya la banyak ada.

You know... sometimes, it is not just through havings pets at home that could help to bridge the gap in certain families, it could also be through adopting a child or having an extended parent. Something like having a love energizer.

To digress back to the movie, I think Sandra Bullock and Big Mike did a great job at making the characters touch its viewers' hearts.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I hate browsing around the malls unless it is the biweekly grocery indulgence.

What a bliss that there's more and more reason to explore other places. Places that put us so so close to nature - toddlers friendly places.

Love the fuzzy feeling of seeing Amer making his little house out of our big pillows yet sometimes he pretends he sits in a 'lori minyak'.... "viuuummm! viuummm!"

I wish I could transform myself into a little girl to just fit perfectly into his world.

I'm so thankful to Play House Disney Channel, there's Word World, there's Tigger and Pooh, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse.... they taught Amer in so many interesting ways, which in turn taught me and his papa.

He's still never violent, yet... always cracking into laughters.

There was a few times, I caught him pretending to go to corners of the doors and nooks of the house and in the motion of picking something up, and continue picking. And then he comes to me and hand 'those' things to me. When I asked him what they were, he sometimes says 'Stobeyee (strawberry) mama!' Ohhhh how much I envy his imaginations, he must be thinking that he's in Pooh's world, running his naked feet on the grass freely, picking fruits and catching butterflies.

Finally, we got to bring him over to Cameron Highlands. It was my first time there too.

He puked and barfed his way up when we started the bends up. Luckily he doesn't get moody.

It's ok, we'll keep wiping his puke off no matter how many times, as long as we get to see his fixation towards big wide fields and colourful flowers.

Meals were very rewarding to me, if it was Thailand, I would wait to see how many different types of Tom Yams they would serve, if it was Indonesia, I would wait to see how many types of delicious sambals they would make.

Here, I bet the hotels are never short of fresh veges and fruits, after all, they don't have to go through middle sellers, they are just outside their hotels. What I imagined about their fried rice and lauk is right!

They don't fail to serve all kinds of bubur, like bubur ubi keledek, strawberry jams on scones in the morning, fried rice full of fresh corn and carrots, fat fresh mushrooms in their carbonara soup... woowwhhhhhh!!!!

It was a great weekend, tho I want everyday to be like this. I hope that day will come soon.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Lotsa Luv Baybe!

For old times sakes, I pre planned what I should look like for attending his concert.
Reminiscing the good years of tea dance, Modestos, Unos, Brannigans and making ssssuree the clothes are not worn twice.

Got myself a small little black dress which I miss squeezing my butt into. Snake skin stilletos, Givenchy EDT, extra extra mascara. Who knows if I could get a close up on him, gambar wajib ambiiiikkkk!!!!

I was not at all expecting a showmanship laden concert... looking at his shy persona. More like there could just be songs rendered with his guitars. I'd cut a finger if he doesn't sing at least one unplugged number.

Much to our surprise. He was funny, sharing what it was like to get to stardom and how he cheated his way out to be able to meet Jackson 5 by impersonating to be a teacher in his own school through a phone call to the Jackson's PR.

We breathed in his classy medleys; that includes...

Can We Talk - Tevin Campbell
I wanna rock with you - Bobby Brown
Every TIme I Close My Eyes - Babyface
FOr the Cool in You - LL Cool J
My, My, My - Johnny Gill
I'll make love to you - Boyz II Men
A Song for Mama - Boyz II Men
Ready Or Not
Don't Be Cruel - Bobby Brown
Every Little Step I Take - Bobby Brown

Eegaddd!!! That got our hormones circulating right to end of all our senses.

Who would have imagined that one composer can save an event from humongous costs of collaborating so many big starts to line up those songs in one and half hour?

He sang it just as good!

"I've had the privilege of working in the studio for hours and hours with Michael Jackson. I must say that we are lucky to live in his era.... when little kids are still amazed with his moonwalk and sing his songs. I must assure you, his cause are real, they are really from his heart."

Then he rendered 'Gone Too Soon' in tribute to MJ.

Nope, didn't take any pictures at all. Everything's recorded in my head and in here.

Thank goodness there is KL Convention Centre, those who think tanked his tour, husb and Ash who both enjoyed the evening just as much.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mare E Tara.

It was just a simple Valentine's dinner, just the three of us. Yeap.... there's no way we could leave the little tot behind anymore nowadays tho we thought the older he gets, the more time we could steal away from him.

Pizza Bella Italia has been in SS2 for more than 10 years,my then insurance agent would take me there to inform me of the latest investment stuff and introduced me to Mare E Tara. Oouugghhh... that gorrrrgeous seafood in spicy zingy tomato soup.

I always thought any restaurateur would not part from their recipes.

'By annnyy chance, you'd tell me the recipe of this soup plleasseee!'

'Oh.... of COUURSEEEE! Give me a minute' Adam was signalling his normal Italian sign, making an 'o' shape using the index finger and thumb.

Later he came back with a piece of paper in his hand.

It goes like this:

Chop llloots of garlic, finely

Use olive oil or butter... but NO palm oil, NO NO! The smella different!

Saute garlic in oil until the smell comes out, not until brown. Just saute.

Then add water, add crab. Let it boil. We don't have time to make stocks, this issa shortcut.

Use tomato puree and chopped tomato, add puree in crab soup first and then salt.

Add some La La, fresh La La, you can only find in Selayang market aaaa.


When soup is boiling, add paprika. If I cook at home, I will also add lime leafs.

Then finally, add chopped tomato, if too cooked it is not crunchy anymore!

I tell yah, Italians are always fierce when they share their cooking intelligence.

Now... I'm thinking when could be the right time and who's the right people for me to treat this gorgeous soup for.

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