Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mare E Tara.

It was just a simple Valentine's dinner, just the three of us. Yeap.... there's no way we could leave the little tot behind anymore nowadays tho we thought the older he gets, the more time we could steal away from him.

Pizza Bella Italia has been in SS2 for more than 10 years,my then insurance agent would take me there to inform me of the latest investment stuff and introduced me to Mare E Tara. Oouugghhh... that gorrrrgeous seafood in spicy zingy tomato soup.

I always thought any restaurateur would not part from their recipes.

'By annnyy chance, you'd tell me the recipe of this soup plleasseee!'

'Oh.... of COUURSEEEE! Give me a minute' Adam was signalling his normal Italian sign, making an 'o' shape using the index finger and thumb.

Later he came back with a piece of paper in his hand.

It goes like this:

Chop llloots of garlic, finely

Use olive oil or butter... but NO palm oil, NO NO! The smella different!

Saute garlic in oil until the smell comes out, not until brown. Just saute.

Then add water, add crab. Let it boil. We don't have time to make stocks, this issa shortcut.

Use tomato puree and chopped tomato, add puree in crab soup first and then salt.

Add some La La, fresh La La, you can only find in Selayang market aaaa.


When soup is boiling, add paprika. If I cook at home, I will also add lime leafs.

Then finally, add chopped tomato, if too cooked it is not crunchy anymore!

I tell yah, Italians are always fierce when they share their cooking intelligence.

Now... I'm thinking when could be the right time and who's the right people for me to treat this gorgeous soup for.

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