Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life's rainbow.

Phone call....

"You're asking ME to buy a vacuum cleaner?"

"Alaaaa, it's an innovative invention la, if you and your kids are suffering from sinus, you might learn one or two really new things from the demo ok!"

"Ok..... how much?"

"U listen to them first laaa. It's like insurance, you listen now, but not necessarily buy now, three years down the road kee."

"The demo is tonite, u sure that thing don't shoot if I decided not to buy?"

"I'm still alive right?"

"Ko tak beli pas tu suruh aku BELI?"


That nite.... SMS "Nope, it doesn't do bjs!"

I was just giggling away with my husb at that.

NEXT DAY .....

baibon: New Volkswagen Scirocco fits my need exactly- power, handling, looks good to

Mainey #: I like Skoda Roomster

baibon: But I wont be buying it because the price is at a ridiculous RM260k

Mainey: But... you spent stupid amount of money on fixing your Alfa.

baibon: which brings me to my point

baibon: The water-vacum-that-doesnt-do-blowjobs is great but for nearly RM8k? it's ridiculously overpriced

baibon: if it's sub RM4k then I would've bought it on the spot

baibon: anyways except for the ability to become an air cleaner there's nothing special about the unit apart from being really high quality and I assume excellent support/warranty

Mainey #: Zain..... u bought your remote airplanes for how much?

baibon: For RM8k I would've bought a 52inch TV

Mainey #: ok laaa ok laaaa

baibon: those habuk/dust mites they show? they've been around us for thousands of years- it is in EVERY home, our antibodies handle them naturally.

Mainey #: okaaay okaay okaay

baibon: It's good to have la but not necessary unless your house really really kotor/dusty environment

baibon: all I ask for that price is a blowjob functionality- is that too much to ask for?

Mainey #: nanti i cross ref ngan Iskandar

baibon: I saw his name in the list - dia tangkap satu

baibon: ....sucker

baibon: hahaha

Mainey #: seeeeeriouuussss??? but he said his mom has 4 of those already

Mainey #: that his mom collects vacuum cleaners dowh

Mainey #: ok la, I pegi pinjam la dia punya *cheapskate

baibon: pinjam why? didnt I tell you it doesnt do bjs?

Mainey #: zain, i'm a woman.... remember?

baibon: yeah but it helps you do your work

Mainey #: oh yeaaaaahhh laaaaa

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