Wednesday, January 06, 2010


As usual, I'm so anal about what I need to remember.


All I can say:

For that kind of mega results, it takes a team of unchanged personnel,

it takes a team of people who believe in the person who first conceived the idea,

it takes a team of people who believe that when they are in a goal to be the pioneer of an idea, they would complete it yet before any probable competitor.

it takes a great leader to move them in such majestic unison; which then translates to likewise of a results.

So.... James Cameron and his crew are all lucky -- to have worked with each other.

15 years is worth all that sweat and blood.


I particularly like the phrase 'I see you'.

How simple it is to denote that one person is able to see the intentions behind its actions of another. Understanding beyond verbal elaboration.

If humankind can still do this, the way the aborigines could, there could be so many mishaps that could be avoided, in fact, more love could go around.

Human of today's age, are no longer inate. It's the problem to all problems.


I was in my own playground, my fantasy came true and was just too elated that I share my fantasies with someone. I think 90% of it was really translated into illustration in this movie.

I have always begged to Allah swt, that if I'm granted to be in heaven, could I have a big majestic bird which has really long feathers.

So that I could fly downwards vertically, tho we may be able to do it on our own. But it would be a lot of fun to ride dangerously when we are immortal.

Could I make it fly just right above the water with just one wing slightly scooping the lake water.

Could I also have a big charcoal brown horse and ride super fast on jungle terrains.

And then, a bottle nosed big white dolphin to piggy back me within the deepest ocean.

I always think that freedom of movement is the best form of freedom.


This world is full of nature's infinite beauty... that I don't think I could ever have enough, especially in terms of nurturing them.

Half of the people who watched Avatar thinks, it's got nothing to do with any storyline, it's just about enjoying the latest technology.

It confirms that people perceive things which they see differently.

But it doesn't matter, coz as far as James Cameron is concerned.... I See Him Too!


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