Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The TTDI Nasi Lemak Street

They have been around since as long as I live here but no one knows them by their names. They are always referred to as Nasi Lemak 7-11, when there's two of them near that shop, or Nasi Lemak Mofaz, or Nasi Lemak Makcik (this refers to the stall other than the one at 7-11 or Mofaz).

I'd like people to know the names of the 'makciks' whose nasi lemak I buy most often from. There are more than these stalls in the mornings, but I will provide just those which I have tasted and want to recommend.

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C : Nasi Lemak Kak Aminah (picture not available)
Being the first stall on the street, the smell of her nasi lemak is something you just can't miss.

What's good/different :
Lunch portion. The 'sambal' is rather thin and sweet. 'Sambal paru' dish is what she sells that others on the street don't. Her stall closes the latest, at about 10:30 a.m.

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B: Nasi Lemak Kak Midah (my favourite!)
The long queue speaks for itself, this is a weekday queue! Also known as 'Nasi Lemak lakibini' because instead of one person multitask due to the large crowd, they still resort to tend to each pack of nasi lemak together. The pakcik will always try to crack jokes with everyone and provide extra dish for free. So romantic, it sometimes tests the patience of the customers, but we got no choice but to get used to it.

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What's good/different : Truly breakfast portion. Their 'sambal kerang' is absolutely delicious and most fast moving dish as they are boiled and picked from the shell before they are soaked in the sambal gravy which makes it all puffy, juicy and sweet without any blood smell. The sambal is the kind which is prepared labour intensive way, boiled and stirred for long hours, that's why it is thick and filled with consistently softened sweet onions.

The steamed nasi lemak is oh so fluffy! Actually, just having a pack of normal RM1 nasi lemak from here is good enough.

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A : Nasi Lemak Kak Jah
But you'll never see Kak Jah herself at this stall, her son or husband usually tends to it.

What's good/different : Super lunch portion. Their specialty is their 'rendang tok, daging', the beef in the rendang dish is cut in chunky portions, the gravy is very fragrant, thick and moist. You'll probably want to have this as an alternative once every 6 times you buy from others. Most suitable to eat on weekends where you'd afford to sleep right after.

X : This nasi lemak seller sells with such sour face. Once nasi lemak Kak Midah finishes, the line will divert to her stall. She has a large supply of 'karipap' as a means of differentiation.

iii : I will go to this stall if I suddenly want 'chicken liver sambal' in my nasi lemak. Her chicken kapitan tastes very good too.

i & ii : I don't remember how they taste like, it's just there to prove how many nasi lemak sellers we have on one street in the mornings and all of them without fail will finish at least 70% of their supply by 10am.

Nasi Lemak half shop : It is the prepacked ones available at the half premise mamak shop beside Pasar Mini Taman Tun (on the same street). It is only 80 cents. I don't know, it's probably both the glow in the dark red sambal and the extra thick banana leaf that makes you get all 'berselera' to have three packs of it for breakfast.

If I have the time, I'll cover all the nasi lemak that's available in TTDI morning and night.

TTDI Activist.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Mr Life Crisis Fighter vs. Ms. Jetfighter Pilot

Guess now we know why Poncho has been quiet lately, but still kickin'.

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Remember the old movie about the android kid, D.A.R.Y.L? That movie had inspired me to fly an airship, specifically, a USSR jetfighter which Daryl flew.

It's just an ultimate adventure most kids would dream to go through especially if its one that made them discover what a genius and a hero they are. Lagi-lagi if its a girl yang fly the plane... fuiiyoooohh!! Tambah macho points.

T'was my sister's idea to register for this 'Be a One day Pilot' thingy at Subang Terminal 3. There was no references provided initially, she only said that it will be a 15 minutes (for RM160) in the air on a two seater light aircraft and we'd get the feel of steering the joystick. No bombs, missiles, oxygen mask, parachute, sky acrobatic maneouvres involved.

I thought of obtaining a pair of black leather bomber suit for the event,, I bet the weather will be such a scorcher and I don't want to end up losing my consciousness once the plane goes up. Not cool and buang duit! Kalau nak mati jatuh kapalterbang macam the late Aaliyah okla, must finish one half naked video clip in Fiji and a son to mark my existence.

To my surprise, this is what we read on the plane dashboard...
Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt reads: Experimental Aircraft. Warning to Occupants. This aircraft does not comply with the civl airworthiness code of the state of manufacture and the state of registry.

But it didn't worry me at all. It must've been 40 degrees in temperature that day and as I ascended, it got hotter and hotter as there was no air conditioning in the plane and the glass shell was as clear as an aquarium, untinted. It's like I'm racing to reach the yolk!
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15 minutes above the Bukit Jelutong area was enough, it was like riding a roller coaster which you control personally. A minute move of joystick to the left or right rolls the plane like an airwheel, my stomach just dropped off la.

Nevertheless, it was a good experience. Another item in my wishlist striked off.
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Monday, September 12, 2005

Vertical Road Trip


Find your own personal ethics early, and stand behind them. Always strive for a higher ethical standard, never let yourself be pulled down. Don't hesitate to argue your ethics around that campfire.

Do everything you can to help other climbers. They are your family while you pursue this sport, and this family can seem suprisingly small at times. Karma is real.
By Travis

After 3 months in this field, I am finally ready to buy my own climbing gears. Always thought it would just be 'hangat-hangat taik ayam' thing. Bbbb..bbut, I've been wanting to climb everything since.

Things to refine/get:
1. New set of Petzl harness (RM250)
2. New set of Madrock shoes (RM250)
3. Chalk bag (RM30)
4. Butt contour
5. Steady legs
6. Twice weekly session without ever ever being late.

Been missing bedroom outdoor activities; climbing at Taman Indah, Batu Caves. I decided to put it off until I'm much better with belaying techniques and ultimately paradigm shifting my mind at climbing routes with very few nooks to grab. My shin is still full of scars.

Stoopid C5 climbing gym at One Utama which I have enrolled for 6 months is taking forever to complete, they said it's supposed to be ready 1st of July. Today, I can only see scaffholding in the glass structure.

Belay: Use of a rope to protect a climber against a fall. A climber can be belayed by another person, or be climbing alone, using an advanced technique called a self-belay

Friday, September 02, 2005

Deadly Tease!

Cats make a couple of different sounds, internal purr-breathe when they are stroked, a normal "Miaow" when they're friendly, "Arrrrrrrrhhhh! Eaarrhhh" when they're horny. Have you ever observed how a cat can stare at a lizard up the wall and they make this unique sound... like you know they feel so 'geram' looking at the lizard... it sounds as if a chopper is about to fall but faint one from afar (pffttt! I just can't spell the sound out).

And that sound is enough to make the lizard lose its focus, lose its grip and fall, sometimes half way, sometimes all the way. And then, all the cat will do is just wiggle the lizard just the way it happily tosses the rodents - exhaust them, and let them die a slow death.

How does the cat know that that particular sound would catch them a prey?

The power of vibrations is just amazing!

Do you feel that way sometimes when it just takes a gaze from afar to make you feel all vulnerable, like you're suddenly under a spell?

Hungry Eyes. - Eric Carmen

I’ve been meaning to tell you
I’ve got this feelin’ that won’t subside
I look at you and I fantasize
You are mine tonight
Now I’ve got you in my sights

With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I can’t disguise
I’ve got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you and i

I want to hold you so hear me out
I want to show you what love’s all about
Darlin’ tonight
Now I’ve got you in my sights

With these hungry eyes
One look at you and I can’t disguise
I’ve got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you
And I’ve got hungry eyes
Now I’ve got you in my sights
With these hungry eyes
Now did I take you by surprise

I need you to see
This love was meant to be

I’ve got hungry eyes
One look at you and I can’t disguise
I’ve got hungry eyes
I feel the magic between you
And I’ve got hungry eyes
Now I’ve got you in my sights
With those hungry eyes
Did I take you by surprise

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