Thursday, August 28, 2008

Amma nowa Bed'arooma Taukey!

Terence was in the US. Thanks to some fucked up postal ruling here, Malaysia cannot order anything other than CDs and books from
I wanted hundreds of things from there.

He ordered it, it took only 3 days to arrive. Unpack it, the screws, bolts and nuts are packed in his luggage, the bulky stuff came back via DHL. The actual price for it is just RM150 plus DHL fee RM350 in total. It's worth it for something so unlike Ikea's compressed wood, it's solid birch.

When we installed it, I got the shock of my life to see that it was actually made in China. It went bloody half the globe and all that trouble. If I start out as opposed to i will be a millionaire won't I?

And cuba cerita sikit, kenapa benda simple macam ni pun susah sangat for Malaysian nak buat?

Enuf about that. I can now feed the baby at night, sembang about political stuff with hubs, kutuk other ppl's blogs, update my own blog, play Munaf Ahmad's zikirs to Berjoj, surf for new baby food recipes, in future teach him flash cards aaaaaall at once.

Now it's worth RM119 paid to Maxis every month.

Terence, to say thanks is an understatement. There's a big difference between a help and a favour. You're a gem.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My Religion Went Out the Window.

I walked into the mosque yard, I was hoping to catch one muslimat in order to find my way into the prayer room as the first floor seemed dark.

I waited, it's two more minutes before Adzan Maghrib. There was so much wind in my stomach, and I think I better let it all out before it spoils my prayer. So I quickly walked in anyways and an old man looked at me while making his way to the muslimin's area and told me, "Tempat sembahyang perempuan kat sana, tempat wudhu' sebelah situ ye".

Either I look totally lost, or totally unreligious, or the least, that guy is telepathic.

There were only 20 muslimats in the women's prayer room, it was malam Jumaat, when there should be a roaring session of prayers. But yeah, there were 20 muslimats. Of course the number of men was enough to fit the main hall.

It was time to perform Maghrib prayer, I rushed to tighten the gaps between the muslimats.... but I felt the wind blowing my prayer robe.

I moved to the left and pulled the one on my right to get closer. She moved but later moved back further. Before I could do anything, the Imam is already reciting "Allahu Akbar".


This is our first Doa Kesyukuran in the mosque, in the quest to be a better person each new day I wake up breathing, seeing, moving, loving as parents and children to our parents.

The Doa was for the birth of our son, a few was done but by my parents who had waited the arrival of a male descendant for years.

While we waited for Adzan Isya', a makcik was distributing Kuih Cara around. I took one, sooo delicious.

"Makcik buat sendiri?"

"Iyeee, makcik buat."

I heard in the far corner, one lady was telling someone, "Habiskan cepat minyak tu, dah habis order lagi dari I."

Oh, oh, I let out the gas again.

Came back to the prayer area and a lady was distributing the small mineral water bottles. Someone must've taken part in the contribution of drinks today.

"Takpela makcik."

The lady looked strangely at me.

Then comes the Bacaan Yassin. Oh my, I'm already 33 and I haven't byhard Yassin, and the Imam read it faster than I could sing Buai Laju Laju to my son.

I was quivering, is my effort going to be accepted by Him? I better hold one more next week.

Oh... then I noticed, everyone was reading the Yassin with the bottles of mineral water infront of them--the lids opened.

How can I not realised that it is a great opportunity to collect our own prayer water. Uugghhhh......

I was beaming at those who herd 4-5 bottles altogether in front of them.

Of all people, the one who arranged for the Doa Kesyukuran is not bringing back prayer water.... poor little Amer, not able to drink the water for his presence.

The Yassin recital was over and suddenly the makcik who offered me the bottle, charged towards the person with 5 bottles in front of her and whispered something; took two bottles away and handed one to me.

You can surely imagine how grateful I felt. The makcik is surely telepathic, I CONFIRM!! I kept looking back at her to confirm she totally exist, not a gliding angel.

We had only ordered nasi lemak to return everyone's gesture. I waited at the exit of the muslimat's place to distribute them. I hope they'd consume it though I'm sure there's better food on the table served to them before they come for prayers.

Everyone took off their prayer robe, the look of the Jones appear. Inspite of that, I appreciate how sincere their words of 'Terima Kasih' and a big appreciative smile and congratulating me for the new son when handed the food.

I know I was the youngest around that night. Though it is not an excuse for them to excuse me for my kermit awkwardness.

God definitely knows, how tiny I felt as His khalifah, as tiny as a dust. I have to brush up on this.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Your Mummy and Daddy's the One Who Should Show You...

Fuck... someone said it in the most masterclass way.
"In order for a nation, any nation, to grow, you must have a solid foundation. That foundation, even though I REALLY, REALLY HATE to say it, is family." - Amir Hafizi

Why is it that children in families/areas/countries with crisis is more destructive, depressed, such as families in the third world countries, countries that face war, broken families etc?

Cases of drug addiction, smoking among the primary school kids were not cases we heard during our parents time, but it is such a rampant issue now.

The more civilized a country gets, peace is coherent with it, its citizens are more interested to cooperate with the total wellbeing of nature and human.

... but why isn't our country going towards that? Parents are all too busy, children are all too busy. Everyone is on the road, everyone is at the mamak, everyone is at the clubs and cinemas, everyone is busy to plan something to do outside the comfort of their homes.

When it comes to children deciding what they want to become when they grow older, they don't know. When you ask your friends if they love their girlfriends or boyfriends, they don't know. When you ask your friends what do they know about themselves, they don't know or not sure and some need to travel far and wide to find their souls, to know who they really are.

Why are we in so much chaos?

I read this article in a parental book about love among mammals, the fundamental of a strong, stable country is just simple; love.

Research with other mammals has shown that:

The more physical contact the mothers gave to their babies, the less fearful and more courageous their babies grew up to be, and this effect lasted a lifetime.

Baby mammals who experienced lower levels of touch from their mothers showed more fearfulness in adulthood.

The more physically demonstrative the mother, the more mentally healthy the infant in later life. In adulthood they became confident, attentive mothers with calmer infants.

Babies who experienced physical contact also aged better, with fewer degenerative changes in their brain; and they were less anxious when placed in a new environment, and explored more.

They also coped well with stress.

My conclusion: Love will tell you who you are and that will make everything in life and running a 'genuinely' peaceful country so much easier.

Monday, August 11, 2008

How Did I End Up Living with Two Lady's Men?

Ameeerrr! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmeerrrr!!!

Amer wasn't downstairs at the playground yet. The maid hollered back to say he'd just stay indoors with his mummy and daddy.

Ting! Tong!

What have we that day! Natalie, Natasya, Amelie was right at the door step. They are between 4 to 6 years old.

We brought out some fresh soya bean for them to drink and Da'im candies. They helped to feed him his evening meal and took turn to shower him.

They picked up their drink while smiling at him. Then they chewed their candies while smiling at him. Straaaaannngee little tots.

Mummy kat sini tersengih ada, termenung ada. Hopefully, they'll grow up to be such good servers to their husbands looking at how accommodating they are now.

Amer is only 7 months old, what does he know about entertaining guests. But he'd sometimes look at them deeply, I don't know what he was studying. Being a lady's man is an in-born trait, if he ever decides to be a womanizer, I will tarik telinga and cubit dia even if he's as old as any adult. No one in the family line has ever been one, eventhough your momma is from the infamous Kelantan family.

Ever since I got married to his father, it was entertaining this strings of lady friends who happily comes to update us on their private lives, to see the addition to our family, to celebrate festive seasons.

I foresee this boy will make me work in the kitchen a lot too in future when his friends impulsively comes over. Well, that means, a chance to make more deeds if God permits.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Far From What Some Things Used to be.

Berjoj (our little son), rolled away from his cot and got the two little bantal peluk that acts as the fort out of the way. Thank God he didn't fall off the bed. Heiiiggghhhhh.

My sister wrote about how much she had changed in the past 8 months.

I looked at my blog, and I know--there's so much that had changed.

I still think about the environment, recycle everything I could, refuse to accept the shop's plastic bags (yet still uses disposable diapers 24/7!)

Night outs are not considered clubbing, they are quests to be in various places once in awhile (yet comes back between 10 and 12 midnight instead of the usual 5am).

I don't window shop at all anymore. Like a hawke, I'll browse within safe radius to be able to jatt back to my nest if I felt insecure, the baby might miss me.

Shoes? There's now. Handbags? The little sister will help to take care of it by buying whatever that can last me another 5 years from UK where leatherware are cheapy cheap yet nice. I haven't fixed the broken heel of one of my favourite stillets. Baby stuff, yessssssss the things we all would browse through for hours.

Home cooked breakfast and dinner everyday except if we want a variety on weekends.

I don't work out anymore. Not AT ALL. The little tot worked me out to the core.

Only able to read one whole newspaper in the weekends.

Sleep and cuddle is more important than sex.

I have worked out a life schedule, as organized as any woman can be, and it kept changing, it should be, as we should review it and change it and review it and change it again--and again.

So.... next year, try to conceive another little tot for Zach to discharge half his energy onto.

The year after is when I will try to enrol in a dance class and drag hubs to finally learn Salsa. Keep long tresses. Travel, cook and read a lllllllot more. Of course, a total make over.

It's 10pm, it's time to put the two to sleep now.

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