Friday, April 27, 2007

Jangan Pandang Langsung!

Memang terral la the cinema preview editor dia. We saw only the part when they are trying to remove the hantu out of the pakcik's body and all those flying shadows. So intriguing.

Tapi bila tengok sendiri... halamaaaaak.

It doesn't help when my mother keep saying 'macam Std 4 kid la the girl, cannot la like dis!' But we spent RM11 per ticket, we'd walk out of Cicakman, but this one, we stayed to trryyy to give it more chance to build up.

All other ghosts come as shadows or figures. Ini, kalau ye pun jangan la nampak sangat macam hantu pakaian beragam. Isshhh apasal laaaa tangan dia asyik naik nak tunjuk kuku panjang tu, macam dah tak ada action lain. In all books they just duduk diam tunduk kepala aje apa. Hantu tau la dia buruk, mesti tunduk kepala punya.

Another part that shows not enough thought and passion to produce seni yang bagus. Bila hantu tu terbang, kain dia boleh jatuh ke bawah, mengikut hukum graviti pulak... eiiissshhh. And then the bloody wires can be seen so many times.

Cicakman can be lucky the first time, so is this one.

My brother in law call it 'Hantu Jagung Nelson'!.

I really hope Dukun won't let us down.

Everybody.. have a long good weekend!

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Joy

It's not an easy task.... sometimes speeding all the way from the Golden Triangle to reach home, serve us both dinner for just 1/2 an hour, and then Poncho will jatt me off to an area through the dark road near RRI where the teaching center is. Classes begin at 8pm. I just do this twice a week though. But I am never tired at the end of it.

The classes are held in a double storey link house, all rooms are so small and floors are sticky. The kids are seated on just plastic stools. I learnt that their families are mostly, those who just moved to KL.

The fee is dirt cheap, 4 subjects once a week for RM90 a month.

Cute though, they'd come in their pyjamas and powdered face and water bottles.

A class not more than 7 students is all that I could handle. But the students keep coming. The Std 3 classes are growing, from 6, now to 9 and the last... to 12.

Somehow they scare me the most, a little boy, Ravi, is too smart for this Malay majority area. He finishes his work so fast and then throws the workbook at me to get it signed quickly. I'd snap once in awhile, then he'd race to the front and stop others from submitting their work so he'd get his done first.

I don't believe in shutting them up or stopping them from jumping around. So I guess they get to step on my head many times. See, if they stop jumping, they'd get sleepy and bored.

Then there's Hakim, with two deep dimples and smiles a lot who keeps getting poked and hit by Ravi. This boy would play hide and ambush and scare the begezzuzz out of the girls. He has a like-hate relationship with Ravi, they still sit together despite the fights.

Last week, they received their quarterly test results and for the first time, Hakim got sober.

"Teacher, how many people in Std 3?"

My heart completely swell. Hakim spoke in English! And he cared how well he did.

That's quite a good progress after two months.

So I continued announcing their positions. Ravi the infamous, got no 1 out of 20 students there. I was surprised, he wasn't show offy about it as he is everytime he finish his work early.

"What am I going to do with you who still gets 50 and below?"

Eiman: Teacher! Ok! We give them SMACK DOWN teacher!

.... another one expressing himself in full English!

Ravi: Teacher...

.. sarcasm coming.

Ravi: You should bring rotan!

"Yes! And I must only use it on you!"

Ravi: Teacher (in his "bayi" accent), you must also bring oil.

In my heart, I thought, ohhh.... ada jugak belas kesian dia nak ubatkan orang kena rotan.

Ravi: Then you must bring lighter teacher!

Me: ???? Why???

Ravi: You dip the rotan in the oil and then you light it with fire and then .. (he started running around the class with a long ruler in his hand).


That's what I mean. If I stop them from making noise and jump around, they'd get deprived of expressing themselves.

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