Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Brand New Life.

That's the strangest thing.... I insist that blogging has got nothing to do with filling up a certain vacuum in my life. It is all about other people, not me.

There's waking up in the morning and attend the husband and the cat. Then, there's coming back and long chats with him.. dinner, bed, chats, read, xxx, sleep. Weekends.... so many people to attend to.. now that we share two families. It's nice to have so many nephews and nieces and you're suddenly on so many kinds of invitations. I'm trying to catch up.... I wish I've got 36 hours in a day. But I've received so much from God I don't know where to begin my kesyukuran.

There's so many stories in the back log which I want to share with the silent cyberspace.... they're still there waiting to be refined, waiting to be perfectly said. I am not willing to let go of this..... it is the window I met the things which would've been impossible.

I met so many interesting people in the process of my wedding preparation.

So, maybe there'll be some different stories to tell from now on along with my old style of junks.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

6th January 2007

Konon-kononnya nak buat style Erra Fazira, choosing catchy easy dates like 7/7/2007, but... neaaaahh.

I don't have enough time to share the story, but enough to share one picture which our photographer has published today.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bone of My Bone, Flesh of My Flesh

I received this forwarded email in year 2001 from a friend named Dena.
I imagined having to be able to use it one day to bring others through my learning process and life's progress.

I finally have a reason to publish it here.

Bone of My Bone, Flesh of My Flesh
Years ago, I asked God to give me a spouse.
Not only I asked for a spouse but also explained what kind
of spouse I wanted. I want a nice, tender, forgiving, passionate,
honest, peaceful, generous, understanding, pleasant, warm,
intelligent, funny, attentive, compassionate and truthful spouse.
I even mentioned the physical characteristics I dreamt about.
As time went by, I added the required list of my wanted spouse.

One night, in my prayer, God talked to my heart:
"I cannot give you what you want."
I asked, "Why God?"
God said, "Because I am fair.”
God is the truth and all I do are true and right."
I asked, "God, I don't understand why I cannot have what
I asked from you?"

God answered, " I will explain.”
It is not fair and right for Me to fulfill your demand
because I cannot give something that is not your ownself.
It is not fair to give someone who is full of love to you
if sometimes you are still hostile, or to give you someone
generous but sometimes you can be cruel; or someone forgiving,
however, you still hide revenge; someone sensitive, however,
you are very insensitive..."

He then said to me: "It is better for Me to give you someone
who I know could grow to have all the qualities you are searching
rather than to make you waste your time to find someone who already
have the qualities you want. Your spouse would be bone from your bone
and flesh from your flesh and you will see yourself in him/her and
both of you will be one.

Marriage is like a school. It is a life-long span education.
It is where you and your partner make adjustments and aim not
merely to please each other, but to be better human beings and
to make a solid teamwork. I do not give you a perfect partner,
because you are not perfect either. I give you a partner with whom
you would grow together."

... more to come.

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