Wednesday, June 20, 2007

URBAN DECAY - Gizmos and Kidsmos

There is this kid in Std 3 that never fails to make my blood go upstairs.

Each time there’s work on the whiteboard that needs to be copied down, he’s always the last to finish – 1/2hr after the rest. After a month, I tested his alphabetical fluency; as suspected, he failed! In much agony, I tested it on other weak students, ditto! Okay, I reckon some families can’t be blamed if they can only afford day care cum nursery as means of pre school.

He can’t understand 90% of English words in the workbook, let alone even pronouncing them correctly. The word ‘day, year, choose, like, make, opposite, above’, no he doesn’t understand them. I panicked trying to think where should I begin to get this boy to buck up, there’s absolutely no time with 13 impatient students in one session.

I don’t know if matters are worst when classmates bluntly call him slow and stupid. Coz when I asked him if he knows what others are saying, he’d just lift his shoulders.

But something about the boy that is just very disturbing. When he stands up to answer, it is impossible to gain eye contact, he’d fidget till it seems like his bones are all dislocated, his mouth can’t seem to close yet not the slightest octave came out of it, and his eyebrows would rise in the act of complete innocence. I was very suspicious of how he was brought up. Judgmental shtmental, kids who has problems with eye contact and low self confidence reflect lack of attention.

One day I caught him squinting his eyes so badly to focus on the whiteboard.

Shit! Rabun rupanya. In my mind, how is it that he is 9 years old and the parents haven’t realise this. My blood started to simmer, thinking how ignorant the parents are. Tau buat anak aje ke.

Yeap, yeap, yeap...Judgmental shhhmental.

Kalau tak nampak, macamana nak paham. Kalau tak paham macamana nak tahu.

“Mak awak tahu tak awak tak nampak?”

Nodded his head and that almost got vibrated his body down the floor.

“Abang kakak awak ada yang pakai spek?”

Nodded his head.

“Kenapa awak tak pakai?”

….. eyes staring up the ceiling.

“Awak tak ada mulut ke?”

“Mak cakap tak payah”

“Adik, bapak adik kerja apa?”

“….. kotak.”


“Jual air kotak.”

At that time I felt like a total idiot. For allowing my blood to boil my anger up my ears in the past on this kid.

I discovered that he has 4 siblings and a homemaker mum. Soon after, I snapped out of thinking I was the idiot. Why would someone who works as that makes so many kids in this busy demanding city? Kejam, do they know that they are being cruel? Hmmpphh…

Last Sunday was an eye opener. It was open day for parents to review their kids' test results.

The learning centre’s principle snapped at me, ‘His father sells what? We send him home everyday, his father is an engineer la. Got one Estima and a Honda some more?’

.....I rasa macam nak pass out. Hari tu sikit lagi nak bawak dia pegi kedai optical belikan glasses. And my expenses plan next month to buy a few of them better dictionary.

‘I think you should know by now Mainey, parents who are busy working have no difference than our parents in those days. Except, they don’t know how to show that they care and love their children. Bukan susah sangat nak pandang muka anak-anak diaorang and say ‘how are you sayang’ or ‘how’s school today’. Semua orang punya rumah yang I hantar mereka balik tuition, semua orang in the family tu bercakap dengan TV, Playstation and handphone. That is why B.Malaysia, their own language that they should speak everyday pun boleh fail. 20%, 30%’

True enough, I sat there for just one hour observing conversations between parents and the principle, most parents vow to lock the playstations away, try to come home earlier and try to communicate with their children more.

Perhaps this only happens in this alien area.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Baby Ponchomaine

Hello world!!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Mentaliti Kita Mengharamkan Ketam.

Malays can do the most sickening things to make this religion ugly. One of it is of course, by disallowing Lina Joystick to change her religion status in her ID from Islam to Christian. We rather mask a non Muslim in a Muslim identity just because we are afraid letting one go, and assume many others will do the same. Malays and our emotional assumptions and our laziness to understand our religion through understanding Al-Quran. Oh, understanding our religion is so uncool! It's an old age thing!

Take an example of when the non Muslims ask you out to eat at Fatty Crab. And you go 'I can only eat flower crab, the deep sea crab'. The 'both worlds' animals we are not allowed to eat. The non Muslims would ask, why would your God disallow? And you again say, 'it's a 'both worlds' animal.

How very enlightening.

We can't explain our religion and then we want to force people not to get out of it.

I asked enough people, where do they get this from? In a better expression, mana diaorang dapat cerita niiii?

They said, 'Ada dalam satu dalil, Tuhan mengharamkan bunuh katak.'

'Tuhan haramkan bunuh katak sebab apa? Apa kena mengena dengan makan katak?'

'Kalau Tuhan haramkan bunuh katak, maknanya makan katak pun haram'

*In my heart macam biasa assume, assume, assume.

'Ok, jadi apa kena mengenanya dengan ketam?'

'Katak haiwan dua alam. Ada sesetengah jenis Ketam pun dua alam.'

'Awak tau tak haiwan dua alam dalam sains tu dipanggil apa?'


'Amphibia, awak tau apa maknanya tu?'


'Amphibia tu maknanya haiwan dua alam yang melalui metamorphosis, pertukaran struktur badan yang nyata. Macam katak tu awak tau tak masa dia masih berudu dia bernafas dengan apa dalam air?

'Dengan insang.'

'Bila dah jadi katak, ada paru-paru kan? Barulah nyata dia hidup dalam dua alam.'


'Ketam ada melalui metamorphosis ke?'

'Errr, tak kot'.

'Ok, ikan sembilang yang sama-sama duduk dalam lumpur dengan ketam tu kira haiwan dua alam jugak ke? Tapi kita makan kan? Tuntung (terrapins) yang boleh bernafas dalam dan luar air tu haiwan dua alam jugak ke, telur dia kita semua makan.

Ketam batu dengan ikan sembilang, dari kecik sampai besar dia bernafas dengan insang. Haiwan tak berdarah. So what's the problem?'

'Ha'ah ek!'

'So, now we know ketam bukanlah haiwan dua alam, can we eat it, like we eat ikan sembilang?' *I was just teasing.

'Err... tak tau la.'

*** Eiiii &%^%$%^#!!!!

'Lagi satu aku I don't understand.
'Oi,we know, hukum yang nyata tu ialah Islam mengharamkan:
1. memakan bangkai, atau yang jatuh dari tempat tinggi, dibunuh dengan
cara kejam, dipukul hingga mati
2. memakan binatang yang bertaring
3. memakan babi
4. meminum arak
5. telah dimakan oleh binatang liar kecuali sempat disembelih mengikut
6. yang dipotong di atas tempat penyembahan berhala'
Others: yang memudaratkan dan beracun.

Itu yang nyata. Ada tak dalam tu atau dalil nyata kata haram makan haiwan dua alam?'

'Tak de'

'Jadi katak tu kita boleh makan lah!?'

'Eh tak boleh!'

'Apsal pulak, sekarang dia ada paru-paru, dia jadi haiwan berdarah. Sembelih then makanlah'.


'You ni kan... dalil pun ada tulis. Apa sahaja yang kita sangsi, jangan la makan. Babi pun haiwan berdarah jugak, tapi kalau kita sembelih maknanya boleh makan ke?Dalam dunia ni Tuhan dah jadikan binatang yang produce susu lebih dari keperluan sendiri, produce telur lebih dari keperluan sendiri, binatang besar yang bagi supply daging yang banyak. Haiwan di laut yang boleh ditangkap berkapal-kapal. Sayur dan buah berkebun-kebun.'

Kita Melayu ni baca URTV rajin sebab malas nak pikir banyak sangat. Patutla kaya Karangkraf.

I have asked Dr. Asri the Mufti of Kerajaan Negeri Perlis. He said memang tiada dalil mengatakan tak boleh makan haiwan dua alam. There you go!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Who's the Real Public Nuisance?

Did you guys read about the 38 year old man who gets 12 strokes and 60 years jail for sodomising a form 3 boy for 22 times last week?

The parents of the boy were furious only because their son hadn't been coming home and the boy had no other excuses but to say he was sodomised.

Okaylah, memanglah scary budak form 3 kena sodomize dengan 38 year old man. But if he allows himself to be screwed on the backside 22 times and still able to get away with it??? I just don't get it.

The 38 year old man said that the boy was the one who doesn't want to go home and the one who kept trying to seduce him though he's been trying to stop.

..... tried hard to see the cause. How both of them met is because they are co-workers. What is a form 3 boy doing working with much older men?

And the judge hath spoken, he's the older one. He should stop it from ever happening at all.

So??? Mak bapak dia tak patut kena public reprimand or in this case detention on public service sebab suruh anak jadi underage labour and mix entah dengan sapa-sapa?

The boy and the parents get to be free. Where's the justice?

I still also remember the story of the missing boy, 'Yin' at the Sogo Supermarket. The surveillance camera clearly showed that the parents were busy digging in the bins of stuff on sale and the boy was pressing the lift button going up and down the building and finally out of the premise.

Only when the boy was found would their parents confessed that he's abnormal and could not speak normally.

For this case, Judge Maine would've declared to jail the parents and concurrent counselling for negligent parents. Itu pun sebab diaorang takde duit, if not I would've saman them for wasting the society's time and press space.

Something is wrong with us, we sympathize public nuisance.

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