Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sex Outside the City - Part 2

May Lin: i only took one glance and minded my own business after that
May Lin: then he stood next to me for the longest time ever
May Lin: then there were girls approached and mingled with him

blademaine: ooohh jadi Pak Pacak, but you purposely ignored. Lakonan yang terra!

May Lin: but still he stood next to me and judging from his body language , he was trying to strike up a conversation
May Lin: and he just poke me at the waist n asked simple questions
May Lin: we bond after that

blademaine: yeala sampai Frenchie, crazy woman you!

May Lin: ingat the kl tower sling shots which we so wanna take??
May Lin: he ajak me get more drinks , so we walked to the counter and the ride is just infront of us and to take the ride too and we did. During the ride , he held my hand

blademaine: u WENT WITHOUT MEEE
blademaine: yes, the one we saw frm the window of The Soi Restaurant

May Lin: we saw the reverse bungee sort of thing in menara kl?

blademaine: yes

May Lin: yup, so we took the ride
May Lin: when the rave about to finish, can see the fella panicking that he still havent have my contact number
May Lin: the whole time , we didnt exchange contact info
May Lin: till the end, he pretended to casually ask ...but i can see he tengah nervous

blademaine: u can read ppl's gestures aaa now, proud of you mamah!
blademaine: What's the name la?

May Lin: lepas tu , my friend wanted to lepak somewhere
May Lin: he tak tahu malu , he ajak himself. His name is Bradley
May Lin: work as financial advisor

blademaine: oooo hello Mrs. Brad!

May Lin: fellow damm farnee..he taught me how to speak like an English.
May Lin: okie...back to the cerita, his frens who noticed whats happening doesn't seem happy at first.
May Lin: sebab, they wanted to get my frens.... end up tak dapat, yet he gets entertained by me.
May Lin: jadi , bila dia nak ikut, his frens sort of pulled a long face
May Lin: so, i didnt know how to turn Brad down. But Brad was smart...he saw my face like that..he immediately asked his friends instead for permission to tag along IN FRONT OF ME, so obviously they can't say no.

blademaine: smart fella
blademaine: hmmm.... I like him already. Skinny or thick?

May Lin: at the pub, there are some errmmmmm cheeky girls i tak kenal tapi like pretend to kenal me (friend punya friend)

blademaine: just so that she can speak to him too? Or they think you mama san for white gigolos?

May Lin: she come u know like hi hi and wanna hug hug all...( sebab i dgn mat salleh kot), like so poyo gila!
May Lin: then Brad sensed that the girls dont even know my name went and told them
"Her name is Lin btw"
May Lin: it was damm farnee and malu for the girl

blademaine: Dang! He turns me on already. Can we share? Eh, those chics really got no finesse la, came from Bukit mana ah?

May Lin: haiyaa..if i wanna cerita about him..i kenot stop
May Lin: memang aku excited sikit
May Lin: my friends were dancing 'salsa' and i told him that i just loved the way they dance
Brad straight away pulled me to the dance floor but he sucks at it ( hahhha). He promise to learn the steps within my 3 weeks time in europe.

blademaine: ok if u marry him I want to give speech. How many hours was this?

May Lin: then we show the movie before sunset. It's from 10:30pm to 4am!


May Lin: gonna go breakfast soon with my bro
May Lin: will have lots of time in the internet....

blademaine: k. Take Care Mrs. Brad!

(That white idiot better find her name card and call her by this week. I told May Lin to set her brain to set the universe to turn on Paksi 0.80 degrees which will make Brad teringat dia punya name card and terus call. Becossss...... I wanna meet him too.)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sex Outside the City - Part 1

People, by know you'll notice that if I am on a certain subject, I'd delve in it for many many weeks.

Here's about a close gal, May Lin. She had a big breakup after a long courtship almost a year ago, her mother has been away in Canada since she was in primary school. She looks after her father, her granny and her dogs all by herself. So I guess that made me sorta looked after her like my own little sister.

See, at work since the past many years, we were such a happy family. UNNTILLL the new boss came in just 6 months back. We're all going through a big turbulence or is it better to call our situation, 'smelling the silent fart'... whichever. To cut the story short, someone upper is one hellufa looney.

Whenever crisis happens at work, this is when people will always reflect on the purpose they work, is this all there is for us, is it too late to join the circus yada, yaada. Well, in short, this is one of the instances we ask what's our PFE.

So, being someone who haven't travelled much, May Lin decided to relieve herself from all the pretence she sees at work to see what the world out there could offer her.

She travelled to UK for 3 weeks. In my mind, I knew she needed to do her soul searching... but tolooonglah dia jumpa soul orang lain sekali, that's all I wish for, that someone will share the happiness with her.

We chatted when she reached Switzerland and I wasn't that interested about what she sees as much as if she had met someone and chatted her 13 hours journey away with.
May Lin: You know what... I can't wait to tell you this. I met someone BEFORE I flew off la.
White guy.
[though she had always belittle Asian girls swooning themselves around white guys in the clubs]

blademaine: Waattt??? Dia orang mana?

May Lin: orang London!

blademaine: i think it's fate man, you meet a London boy before going there. God's dropping you hints.

May Lin: it was a blast

blademaine: kissed or not?

May Lin: tapi like the movie before sunset, we lost contact

blademaine: laaaaa

May Lin: yea..we frenched

blademaine: WAT? It's too early laaa. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, he's thaaat engaging eeeh. I'm proud of you woman. I so dream of just kissing someone silly in the first meet and then disappear forever.

May Lin: he is damm cute , as in action..
May Lin: he asked permission to hold my hand all. He is only 26

blademaine: I approve and agree!!!

May Lin: lepas tu , i gelak kat dia....

blademaine: u how old again, 27?

May Lin: i mean i cant say no and i cant say yes. Aku 25 plus plus laaaaaaaa

blademaine: THAT'S IT! IT'S FATED! NO CHANGE! Go find him back!.... and marry by December please.

May Lin: lepas tu , he held my hand,,,then he whispered to me that this is actually not the first time he held my hand....
May Lin: when we sat the ride , he already held my hand...hahahahhahahah

blademaine: Ok, let's see if my intuition is right. My hunch is, you'll end up with a white bloke. No matter what you do to resist it.

May Lin: i will cerita more when i come back

blademaine: you cannot get along with Cinapek one.

May Lin: hard for me describe it here.. but it's really a wonderful and sweet memory

blademaine: ok set don't change your man

May Lin: like i said in the mail, he came up to me..i didnt even notice him

blademaine: ye laaa yelaaaaa saham tinggiiiiiiii ok laaaaaaaa

May Lin: hahahahhahahahahahhaa the first meeting was just too great but prolly wont have a second chance. Just like Before Sunset movie.

blademaine: WHAT THE HELLL??? no way

May Lin: he joked that the second time , we prolly will be doing bungee jumping

[see, the ride they were on is the Sling Shot depan KL Tower]

blademaine: bring me to meet him after your 4th meeting

May Lin: i dont have his contact number lerr

blademaine: find him in the same club la

May Lin: it was a rave party in menara KL kalau ada fate ,see how la. He's got my business card

blademaine: okeh I swear he'd hunt you down.

May Lin: but problem is , phone died off. So i wouldnt know if he called

blademaine: OI, charger cheap there laaaa. DIS iiisss DRAMA

May Lin: if he call and i missed it so that's it....cause he told me that he knew i wont answer his call
May Lin: it so like the movie!!!!!

May Lin: i tried buying a charger, but not compatible, now i am using my bro's phone but this is after 12 days of meeting him....

blademaine: he will call when u come back, and ask u out FOR SURE!

May Lin: tapi dia tidak tahu bila i balik, i hope too he will call

blademaine: playboy factor or husband factor?

May Lin: tak playboy! when we r at the party, my friend actually noticed him so she ask us to check him out....


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