Saturday, November 06, 2010

To Kill Kejahilan?

I remember once Uncle Aziz told me, 'human kind nowadays would fight by using their intelligence and selfishness.' He said that after his forearms was badly bruised by a very blunt parang when he tried to help a stranger's luxury car from being stolen.

He tried all his might to help including banging the thief's car with his -- while other people just used their intelligence and selfishness; call the police or sit and watch.

... a far cry from the Rasulullah s.w.t's age when people fight far and wide with sweat and blood to spread the truth and to kill kejahilan.

If I had existed in that age or even in the Star Wars movie and I'm asked to fight like other men, hell I will, hellufa fun!

If we have more of people like my uncle around, that would be more comforting. He's the kind that would try to make people laugh, tell stories and helps out fiercely.

I woke up recently, suddenly all worried about Amer. As I was about to go through a tongue battle at work. What if it leads to me losing my job, will my husband suddenly find a sense of rejection he never knew would come up for me, will I stop being able to also buy things at an impulse for the family, oh no... I wouldn't be able to provide to mom anymore tho of course she could feed herself. My sense of validity will be gone, that's what I was so worried of. Which.... wickedly, all falls on ownership of material, of ego.

And why do I keep bothering if things are well for everyone, if I failed that day, would anyone help me out? The answer is the obvious grave dark 'NO!'.

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