Sunday, July 04, 2010

Don't Take it Away from us.

I watched Majalah 3 last night about 'Pengawet'. About this 70 year old man who is the ONLY pakar pengawet (taxidermist) in Malaysia. His work is brilliant, I think
it is the expertise of a neurosurgeon and an artist put together. Strange that only
the older generation that still leaves hints of patient labours, such as tukang ukir, tukang awet, tukang tenun etc. Newer generations -- anything that produces fast results please.

It's a long impending thought about abolishing PMR and UPSR.

I wonder what triggered people to realise that our students are too prepared for study hard pattern, there are too many thoughts read in the papers.

So does it mean SPM is the only valid exam? To prove that it will not make Malaysian students study study study study aje?


I dunno, I just want to nurture my intuition to address this matter, on not just Malaysian, but all Asians jiwa. Jiwa kita, jiwa seni, kalau bukan, jiwa pemikir, kalau bukan pun, jiwa berbakti pada tanah. If we have travelled to Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Laos, Japan, Korea these virtues on jiwa orang Asia are totally nurtured and people are way lot more tenteram and their country's identity is a lot more protected.

1. It all balls down to child and parentage relationship.
2. It balls down too on what newly married couples want in their marriage.

I wonder if it is fair to say 80% of people who makan gaji like me out there wonders if this is it to life? Five days week going through just sapping happy energy from work mates or probable 5 months bonus at the end of the year.

What happens when our child could not finish his lego set to build a simple house is snatched away because it makes the hall looks cluttered too long.

What happens when our child repeats about helicopters or Transformers a hundred times untiresomely and we just ignore it.

What happens when our child ask us, 'What is this mama?' we just shrug them off.

And then in contrary we wonder why our society just love short lived entertainment such as reading URTV that doesn't teach anyone anything, and short lived spirit lifting Akademi Fantasia.

As compared to kids whose parents who nurture them when they reach the park and all they wanted to find is a piece of stick that dropped down from the tree. Or a little pebble that looks exactly like a little egg, or catch a baby prawn from the heavily flowing stream.

How come peole do not wonder why the Eastern people have the capability to build something from scratch, follow a very methodical steps to grow an idea or curiosity and when they reach their results, would even measure that result.

And throughout carrying out their idea that becomes a business such as Google for example, people who are raised to know only how to carry out routine things will makan gaji for them to reach their results.

Because we do not have the patience to wait for the damn results, maybe because when we grow up, we tried to learn how to use the sewing machine, but mom got tired of the wasted expensive threads and dad thinks it is dangerous, so we had to stop. Then we tried to take up art, but mom and dad thinks that all artists are nobody.

Moms and dads think, graduating and securing a job with the world's giants is the only promising way to a successful life.

Selagi moms and dads lebih sebok habiskan masa makan gaji sampai malam, would their children discover the so many wonders of life within nature, within their curiosity?

... and the vicious cycle continues kan.

Kalau negara nak berjaya, dua benda kena buat. Whether we like it or not, women are the moulders of the society. If the government enforces work from home policies for women as soon as they have their first child and also enforces childhood psychology for every women to learn since secondary school, it may start altering something.

Perhaps better used soil, perhaps instead of more artisans, we get world reknowned architects, perhaps more political and economics writers.

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