Friday, February 24, 2006

Puteri Gunung Ledang the Musical yang terbilang.

Nenek Kebayan
Baliklah Cu! Baliklah! Usah digonggong titah mendaki. Takut hijau daun kan jadi merah, embun yang basah menjadi api!"
"Go home, my children, before it is too late. Lest green leaves turn red and dewdrops burn you with their fire!"

"Paman Patih, masih tiada petanda dari Melaka?"
"My dear uncle, is there still no word from Melaka?"

"Patik kira tidak akan berapa lama lagi, Gusti Adipati"
"In my estimation, it won't be long now, Your Majesty."

"Ertinya tidak akan berapa lama lagi pedang dan tombak Demak akan melayang jatuh diperaduan sendiri. Apa itu juga termasuk di dalam perkiraanmu, Paman?"
"And it wont be long before the spears of Demak fly into my bed. Is that in your estimation too, Uncle?"

Tiara, boy can you sing! Step aside, Siti Nurhaliza, Erra Fazira and whoever. Who can act live 6 days in a row, do solo singing, act and dance around here? Celine Dion misses out by one, she can't act at the same time during her concert in Las Vegas. You have finally discovered all the talents you have in yourself.

The society's thanks to you, after so much money have been invested in our search to see true local talents. The ones that can create sparks in the brain, sizzles in the blood and reinfuse colour into our blurred vision again. Finally, in our lifetime, this happens. For once, a play by our own intellectual artisans.

Adlin, dalam Akademi Fantasia, aku tergugah dengan kata-kata kesat kau yang lantang.. ehhhmmm tapi memikat tu. Tapi sebalik itu, aku nampak keikhlasan engkau nak mengongsi idea, garang macam Ustad aku yang ajar aku mengaji dulu, tapi romantis kau tu kau tak pandai sorok belakang lantang kau tu.

Itu agaknya yang buat orang macam engkau ni sentiasa dapat perhatian. Otak kau berbahasa masih macam orang dulu, bersopan, berkasar, berkias semua tepat pada tempatnya. Memang betul lah kata Tiara, kau ni bakal ambik-alih tempat Allahyarham P. Ramlee. Aku setuju benar. Dulu engkau kutuk tak bagi 'can' punya kat AF punya finalist, "Selendang tu... dengan rambut kau... buat kau menari macam pondan!"

Patutla kau berani kutuk macam tu. Bila aku tengok kau menari malam PGLM, aku rasa macam nak lari naik pentas join engkau sekali. Seksi maut Mahmud Melaka! Aku bangga sangat-sangat dengan engkau, pertama sekali atas bakat engkau menulis skrip lakonan dan lagu PGLM ni.

AC Mizal, dari lagu Fiona, siapa sangka kau se gah ini? Macamana engkau jalan dengan kaki dengan tangan kau spastic macam tu dalam teater tu? Consistent gila pulak tu.
Kau layan tak sudah-sudah orang-orang yang duduk puji engkau luar stage, kesian aku tengok engkau senyum berjam-jam. Aku memang nak peluk engkau masa kita ambik gambar semalam, tapi nanti 'Patih' jeles.
Syukurlah hidup baru kau sekarang dilimpahi rezeki. Aku dah tak sabar nak tengok wayang yang engkau sendiri direct.

Stephen-Rahman Hughes, you look pudgy in your hulubalang outfit, but.... nice when we get closer. The outfit must be really thick and tight which may have stiffened your movement, you did not look crazily in love enough. I heard that it was your idea where the part Mahmud Melaka danced and sang to Jazz instead of redundant silat scenes.

How the hell did you memorise a language foreign to you for dialogue and songs at the same time? Can you memorise all the words in the Chinese dictionary too?
But yeah, what a pair of lungs! Unfortunately our kind of audience do not know how to return the energy back to you during one of your long melodic ends. I guess Tiara may have a strategic plan for asking you to be a part of this play, perhaps there's an English version in the near future.

However, I think, without the Bahasa Indonesia lama, this play may not provide the same impact. The exoticness of the play lies within the melodic intonation of the Bahasa (Indon/Melayu Dalam) script.

Raja Malek and team, gorgeous, dramatic, breathtaking stage and everything in it! In my opinion, Riverdance, Stomp not even Cats come close to this!

Roslan Aziz. Smart!I know you how you think. You purposely arranged the notes so that they can sing tirelessly throughout the days, and able pace the lyrics to sing more audibly-the biggest challenge for a play towards multiraces. And with Adlin purposely watered down the Bahasa to sound more current and understandable, it's clever. The new age society longs for fast paced movie and because they do not understand Bahasa lama they way they do for also the slow English Literature, they failed to appreciate the movie version. Your rendition style has definitely worked. Biarlah orang kutuk apa pun, yang penting, delivery!

I knew I wouldn't regret spending on 6 tickets for this for people whom I knew will appreciate it. This has definitely been a great redemption for Enfiniti Productions.

I hope the stage props will be preserved for moving exhibitions about this play or else, placed strategically in our sad looking museum if they will no longer be reused.

"A sacrifice made in the name of love is indeed beauteous, and a sacrifice for the sake of the people admirable." Excerpt-PGLM

Maafkan saya atas apa-apa kata-kata yang melukakan.

Tahniah sekali lagi buat kamu, keluarga PGLM!

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Match Point

Nola: Where are you?
Chris: I'm at home, I can't talk right now she's right here.
Nola: When can I see you? I'm anxious, I need to see you.
Chris: What's the matter with you. I'll try to make up something okay.
Nola: I’m pregnant!
Chris: What? I’m trying to have a baby with Chloe for months and it never happened and with you….
Nola: Well, it’s love making between two people who’re passionately in love, sure it works!

Nola: Tell Chloe that you’re leaving her!!!
Chris: I will! It’s just not the right time.
Nola: Then when is the right time?”

Chris: My father in-law puts trust in me to handle his million dollar business entity. I don't think I can pull it off elsewhere. Is it worth starting from scratch with this gorgeous, lusty but... jobless, moody woman. I'm not going back to being a tennis instructor for God's sakes!

Nola: Have you told her yet?
Chris: Look. We’re going on a family vacation for 3 weeks in Greece, I’ll tell Chloe when we’re back.
Chris: I can’t spoil everything that the family has planned in a long time, just trust me.
Nola: Look, I can’t stand the fact that you’re gonna make love to her and be with her, it is romantic!
Chris: ‘Sigh!’

I woke up the day after the movie and still feeling Nola Rice’s pain after what Chris finally decided to do unto her.

Things in the past came haunting me. Sometimes I think partnership called love is the most evil game deviced for people living in this age full of indulgences to test our utmost selflessness.

I remember too, an interview on Sharon Stone I read in Marie Claire magazine:

Your single status seems to confirm the idea that it is difficult for two people to live together today...
Sharon Stone: Whether one is heterosexual or homosexual, it is never easy to build a couple.
Because we have more diverging centres of interest than before, and we are less inclined to make compromises like our parents did.

Yet.... the saying, Marriage Completes One's Religion. It puts human being in a lot more give and take situations.

Compromises is fine, but sacrifices between only two people? Which in contrary, I'm sure, can make one feel like almost losing thy religion. Doesn't sacrifices show selfishness of our significant other?

I applaud this movie for advocating its audience to side injustice without us knowing it. You'll see one twist after another, after another. And the suspence is so Hitchcockian. If you're having an extra affair, I won't be surprised if you might even break up with the extra other right after!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pemasuk Benang?

Note: No intentions to be prejudice albeit storyline completely focused to just one race.

The story goes...

There was a commotion on Petaling Street some time ago and I thought it must be the usual demo on medicinal item to help extend "the magic wand".

To my surprise, I saw something different. A man with a Singer sewing machine demonstrated something priced only RM5.

Everyone was genuinely attentive to his demo. RM5 is considered lose change, so most of us picked up a set as perhaps we were afraid not able to find again another time anywhere else.

That tiny pin (shaped like a very thin knitting needle) on this keylike tool is actually a hook thin enough to fit into sewing machine needle hole.

Once the needle is fit into the hole the L shaped end which is actually a clip will clip itself to the needle so the hand is more stable to pull the thread into the hole.

Mom has been in charge of approving budgets in one the ministries for local inventions and innovations that can be commercialised outside our country. She has been mentioning to me this often, "Melayu ni sebatang jarum pun tak boleh buat". (The Malays can't invent a single thing, not even a piece of needle.)

My discovery was so timely. I was so proud to show her what I bought as she has a Singer sewing machine herself. Although, maybe, this Malay chap will just last until he finish his first batch of inventory.

"Macamana Pakcik dapat idea ni?"

"Isteri pakcik jahit langsir. Tiap-tiap hari pakcik dengan anak pakcik kena masukkan benang dalam lobang mesen ni ha. Kalau pakcik takda esok, tak la susah."

He made another tool to pull the thread into the normal sewing needle too.

The best part about this is, he doesn't know what to call his invention!!

There's so many ideas and innovations really, just written down on papers by our local valedictorians. But being typical of doctorates and academicians, although not all, once the thesis is completed and the scroll is in their hands, the mission is considered definitely accomplished. Period!

If it is not discovered by the human species who largely drop out from schools and situations bring them to become the unafraid of risks businessmen, the ideas remain dark secrets.

Thank God people discovered and tried to decipher and improvise the works of Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and the like; people who just dedicate their life to nothing but completing their experiments. After all we are symbiotic, academicians and businessmen.

There are millions of ringgit allocated for commercialisation of local innovations. One of which; Biotechnology. The budget is in eight digits.

Last year, no one at all who presented their proposal succeeded to obtain it. Reason being, these researchers at not good at expressing their ideas no matter how much presentation aides were being used. It could've been good, but the content never include how to manage the commercialisation and make profits as this is naturally not their interest.

I just mooted to mom that there is no point waiting for the inventors to provide a full fledge proposal. What is lacking is a line of local venture capitalists seated in her board room to listen to all the presentations and a representative from Kementerian Dalam Negeri to handle the IP (intellectual property) issues.

This way everyone's used only for their strength and nobody's forced to do what they hate to do.

I actually have too many things to discuss under one subject. If you have the time do visit this link: Brian - where he discuss the issue of 360 degrees perspective; which has something to do with the different angles everyone look at things. I agree with his arguments on Point 1, but cum Point 2... something is amiss.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bungled Burglars.

At 8pm I received a phone call from my sister, "Mainey, come back now. Our house got robbed!".

I wish I could put a sign infront of my house that says, "Awas! Kucing Garang!" (Beware of the Fierce Cats!)


they are only good at helping me finish my money on buying their food and waste my time at washing mom's bedsheet when they feel like marking their territory at the most forbidden places.

I didn't bother to ask what got stolen, all the family's jewelleries were completely sweeped off 10 years ago in a swift act. What else could prove their effort to be profitable this time?

Oh, then I remembered... I hope they didn't take away my non flat screen TV and DVD Player. Can't live without them even for a day!

It's two in a team's job. One stationed himself in a silver WAJA WME 9503, another brought enough tools to break the back door at 8:20pm! My sister came back home, parked the car and walked to One Utama to pack her dinner. That's when they went in through the unlocked gate. Don't tell me they didn't anticipate others are coming back very soon after!?

Sis came back and that's when he dashed out to the car, she managed to look at the car plate number.

My dad's notebook, a Rolex watch (free punya, it was a gift), two bunches of master keys were taken. That guy had to go through 5 obstacles to get profits worth maybe just RM4K.

First obstacle is the unlocked gate, no brainer job. Second is the grill, his hand bled to get this done. Third, they crushed the wooden door keyhole before they got into the kitchen. Fourth, the door that separated the kitchen and the dining hall was also locked. Fifth, the masterbedroom door's lock.

Luckily everyone's safe, my cats diligently listened to the Investigating Officers when they were carrying out their duties. I hope they know what to do next time, jump on the robbers and scratch them silly.

Within 23 years of living in our house, we got robbed 4 times. Our immediate neighbour, it's like a ritual, once every year, yet they could not be catched.

We were informed that even if the robbers get caught, there's usually no way for anyone to proof anything unless we have a surveillance camera in our house to match the suspect. So the most they could do is beat them up, keep them in the lock up for 14 days maximum. If by any chance they have an evidence with them, maximum jail term is just 6 months while they still get fed twice a day.

I'm scarred with this feeling of our family's peace and privacy being pried open. If I get to catch them with my own hands, I'd beat them shitless. Yes, I will!

TTDI Activist.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Bersantai di Karambunai.

Guide for cheapskate Malaysians going to Nexus Resort.

T'was my first experience for two things; to East Malaysia and to ride on a 'bas udara' (airbus, Air Asia's).

The taxi ride to the hotel is already RM65 (you can't haggle coz the tickets must be strictly purchased from the taxi ticketing counter). That's for a 25 minutes ride to the destination.

Instead of eating the famous RM8 per pack Nasi Lemak Air Asia (Ini nasi lemak betul punya bukan nasi lemak tuuu..) we decided to get the airport limo to stop us tengah jalan so we can try out their local food. It proved to be a worthwhile idea, economy rice at Sempelang town is served with very fresh seafood. Pile up your plate, don't worry about the costs, it's worth it.

It was a slow, peaceful drive to Nexus Resort.

Picture reused: Belongs to helinmatkat.

What we saw in the pictures prior to the trip was what we got. But you gotta know this, something we really didn't expect:

Transportation rate from Nexus Resort to Kota Kinabalu town (you must buy return ticket):

By taxi: RM80 per taxi
By shuttle bus till 7pm: RM24 per head

Transportation rate to airport:
By taxi: RM90 per taxi
No shuttle bus service to airport

Transportation rate to Seafood restaurants [Salut or Gayang]:
By taxi: RM80 per taxi
Seafood for two at Salut or Gayang is cheap but can reach up to RM50 per head. Who's not a savage when you're on a holiday!

Cheapest food in the hotel:
Chicken rice, Cantonese Fried Noodles: RM30 per head.
Nasi Ayam paling sedap kat 5 star hotel kat KL pun baru RM18 per plate kut.

Buffet dinner is at RM65++ per head.
Breakfast, it's the same spread everyday.

Phewwhhhh!!! There goes the Steam train ride plan we had earlier.

As soon as we took ourselves for a resort appreciation tour around the resort though....

Pictures: Maine Ideas.

we understood why they say this is a place for the honeymooners and the foreigners instead of adventure seekers like us. There're so many colourful birds flying and singing around. Small little lakes in secret corners with breathtaking landscapes. Japanese tourists brought their high speed lens cameras to capture the pictures of the birds, especially the Kingfishers.

Horses bathed in the morning. Fireflies right outside our room!

Try horse riding along the beach till the end of the coast at dusk.
Oh yes! We saw a group of whale sharks on the third day feeding on prawns near the shore.
Awesome experience!
Pictures: Maine-Ideas.

I recommend holiday goers to practise going for jungle trekking with any hotels that offer such a service. It always promises panoramic experience. In Nexus they call it the Nature Park Trekking, priced RM15 per head. Tapi macam masuk ladang Tongkat Ali, you'll see this aphrodisiac (Eurycoma) plant everywhere while trekking.
You'll get a breathtaking view of Mount Kinabalu and also the horizon at the end of the sea facing the resort. Do spray lotsa mosquito repellent, I have 25 bites on just one leg and became one kg lighter.
Picture: Maine Ideas

Sidetrack regarding Jungle Trekking in Malaysia:
The best is still Awana Kijal Resort, Trengganu.
Tips for resort Jungle Trekkers:
It usually takes not more than 2 hours. Have your hotel breakfast after the trip.

Moral of the trip:
If you plan to stay in Nexus, just stay in and enjoy everything they have to offer within the resort! Go out only if you want to visit the Gaya Street market on Sundays or to eat seafood till you drop at Salut while viewing the sunset from the restaurant itself.

Bring instant food and drinks from outside, it is worth it. There's so much activities but there's only two posh places to eat in the resort.

You are crazy if you leave your camera, tripod and binoculars behind!

Shop at Phillipino market for your pearls on your way back, the foreigners are smart, they bought shuttle bus tickets to town, shop at the market, then get a taxi at RM15 to the airport. That's when you can really exhaust all your cash balance on gifts for friends and family.

And for the local adventure seekers, this is not the place to stay. Check out Jesselton, Sutera Harbour, Capital Hotel or Le Meridien instead okay.

Next on my wishlist is to explore Sungai Kinabatangan before visiting the islands such as Sipadan and Mata King.
I'm definitely coming back and will update you guys on the real jungle escapade.

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