Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I hate browsing around the malls unless it is the biweekly grocery indulgence.

What a bliss that there's more and more reason to explore other places. Places that put us so so close to nature - toddlers friendly places.

Love the fuzzy feeling of seeing Amer making his little house out of our big pillows yet sometimes he pretends he sits in a 'lori minyak'.... "viuuummm! viuummm!"

I wish I could transform myself into a little girl to just fit perfectly into his world.

I'm so thankful to Play House Disney Channel, there's Word World, there's Tigger and Pooh, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse.... they taught Amer in so many interesting ways, which in turn taught me and his papa.

He's still never violent, yet... always cracking into laughters.

There was a few times, I caught him pretending to go to corners of the doors and nooks of the house and in the motion of picking something up, and continue picking. And then he comes to me and hand 'those' things to me. When I asked him what they were, he sometimes says 'Stobeyee (strawberry) mama!' Ohhhh how much I envy his imaginations, he must be thinking that he's in Pooh's world, running his naked feet on the grass freely, picking fruits and catching butterflies.

Finally, we got to bring him over to Cameron Highlands. It was my first time there too.

He puked and barfed his way up when we started the bends up. Luckily he doesn't get moody.

It's ok, we'll keep wiping his puke off no matter how many times, as long as we get to see his fixation towards big wide fields and colourful flowers.

Meals were very rewarding to me, if it was Thailand, I would wait to see how many different types of Tom Yams they would serve, if it was Indonesia, I would wait to see how many types of delicious sambals they would make.

Here, I bet the hotels are never short of fresh veges and fruits, after all, they don't have to go through middle sellers, they are just outside their hotels. What I imagined about their fried rice and lauk is right!

They don't fail to serve all kinds of bubur, like bubur ubi keledek, strawberry jams on scones in the morning, fried rice full of fresh corn and carrots, fat fresh mushrooms in their carbonara soup... woowwhhhhhh!!!!

It was a great weekend, tho I want everyday to be like this. I hope that day will come soon.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Lotsa Luv Baybe!

For old times sakes, I pre planned what I should look like for attending his concert.
Reminiscing the good years of tea dance, Modestos, Unos, Brannigans and making ssssuree the clothes are not worn twice.

Got myself a small little black dress which I miss squeezing my butt into. Snake skin stilletos, Givenchy EDT, extra extra mascara. Who knows if I could get a close up on him, gambar wajib ambiiiikkkk!!!!

I was not at all expecting a showmanship laden concert... looking at his shy persona. More like there could just be songs rendered with his guitars. I'd cut a finger if he doesn't sing at least one unplugged number.

Much to our surprise. He was funny, sharing what it was like to get to stardom and how he cheated his way out to be able to meet Jackson 5 by impersonating to be a teacher in his own school through a phone call to the Jackson's PR.

We breathed in his classy medleys; that includes...

Can We Talk - Tevin Campbell
I wanna rock with you - Bobby Brown
Every TIme I Close My Eyes - Babyface
FOr the Cool in You - LL Cool J
My, My, My - Johnny Gill
I'll make love to you - Boyz II Men
A Song for Mama - Boyz II Men
Ready Or Not
Don't Be Cruel - Bobby Brown
Every Little Step I Take - Bobby Brown

Eegaddd!!! That got our hormones circulating right to end of all our senses.

Who would have imagined that one composer can save an event from humongous costs of collaborating so many big starts to line up those songs in one and half hour?

He sang it just as good!

"I've had the privilege of working in the studio for hours and hours with Michael Jackson. I must say that we are lucky to live in his era.... when little kids are still amazed with his moonwalk and sing his songs. I must assure you, his cause are real, they are really from his heart."

Then he rendered 'Gone Too Soon' in tribute to MJ.

Nope, didn't take any pictures at all. Everything's recorded in my head and in here.

Thank goodness there is KL Convention Centre, those who think tanked his tour, husb and Ash who both enjoyed the evening just as much.

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