Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Theory of Exponential Numbers

Sometimes kan.. we hear people resigning from their high paying jobs because they want to fulfil their dreams. I remember someone who bought a landcruiser, left everything and drove around Asia for two years. I think Chef Wan can make a good example. He obtained his Degree in Accountancy for his parents although his real dream is to be a cook. And he pursued it! The combination of Accounting knowledge and cooking made him a fantastic F&B man, clever at maintaining the right and fresh food stocks, make the best of what's available and made sure it suits the taste of targetted market. And do you notice the luck rate? They always make it!

Tis relates to the discussion on the challenges people might face when they're trying to fulfil their PFE (Purpose for Existing).

"...suppose you're letting people know about something you're trying to do that will help fulfil your PFE. If you talk to ten people, and they each talk to ten and it keeps going, before long you have a whole bunch of people who potentially will help you", says Casey.

"But why would they be willing to help me? I mean, I don't know anyone who passes along chain letters. What would motivate people to talk with others about what I'm trying to do?" John wondered.

"John," she said, "Those people you thought of when we started this conversation, the ones who are working to fulfill their PFEs, how does it feel when you interact with them?"

"It feels great. You can't help but get caught up in their passion and enthusiasm for what they are doing. You just feel like you want to help them."

...... they seem so... on the right path.

Excerpt from Why Are You Here Cafe.

Point44, how is it that you managed to put a sizeable portfolio in the internet, featured in the press in a span of 1/2 a year when you were even blogging blind?
Life is definitely different right? And you strive to improve in this area. Kitaorang pun nak start kecil-kecilan jugak. Check this out. But we surely won't do it to make money, there's something else we want to venture into and hope one day soon it will materialise.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Why is it when we hear about someone so passionate about what he does and become famous for it dies we have this... sad is sure it.. but..more of that sore turbulence in our chests?

Everone's sad and wonder why is it that he had to go at such a young age. I'm talking about Steve Irwin.

In retrospect, I think it is ourselves that we're subconsciously reflecting. Even if I'm given 3 extra lives I can't guarantee I could cover as much as Steve did in his under average lifespan.

He could have done more? Animal Planet channel was articulated by him. His continuous movements and the want to share more with the world had him and wife less interested in having kids... but they finally fulfilled that calling and have two beautiful babies.

"Do you fear death?" asked Anne. "Most people do. As a matter of fact it is one of the most common fears people have."

"I don't know, I replied." "It seems like there's a lot to do in life, and I don't want to die before I have a chance to do all the things I want. But death isn't something I think about every day."

People who haven't asked themselves the question you saw on the menu, and haven't taken the steps to fulfill their PFE with what they want to do,"... Anne looked at me and paused... "those people fear death," she said.

Excerpt, The Why Are You Here Cafe - John P. Strelecky

Steve's surely a man who had fulfilled his Purpose for Existing (PFE). So I really bet that we are sad for ourselves while he had died smiling--he made a difference to the world, and what he left will continue his legacy in many good ways.

This book's story pattern is just like 'Before Sunset', not in the way that it is a love story, rather in the way that the plot all happens continuously within 24 hours or so and there's no intense character build-up. Just conversational and deep thoughts.

If you have been wondering what is your Purpose of Existence, I tell ya darlings, it is more than discovering God and religion! And this is what we have to discover first to avoid ending up suddenly becoming overzealous and subsequently become complacent (it's always the case isn't it?) about the joy of being alive.

I had the priviledge of reading this book to my loved one while I was in Phuket. I don't know about him, but I know he sensed that I was holding back my tears at the end of story, not because it has a sad story line, not at all. Part of it is probably because I am grateful for finally being on the path towards fulfilling another one of my PFE.

It now answered one thing, I wondered why I still couldn't shut down this blog. It fulfills part of my PFE, I don't want to exist and just fulfill things for just myself.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's All in the Delivery Method.

"Apa la kedai ni, so not strategic, they should open an outletla at least in Maju Junction or on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, easier for the customers!" Mummy was complaining - it's just normal for an old lady who can't find her way through the twisting KL roads.

"Melayu ni tak pandai betul berniaga. Siapa nak datang sampai terperosok dalam Kampung Bharu ni?"

I just kept quiet. The shop we're trying to reach is known even by the Singaporean market. We finally reached our destination, the place that even serves a lot of VIPs in town. It's still sheltered by 'atap zink', a small 900 sq feet shop but is very well lit, air conditioned and organized product display. The shop signage is probably just about the size of 2 feet x 1 feet. I passed that road many times before and I swear I had never noticed it.

We spent 2 hours there and mummy was very impressed with what she saw. She even ended up ordering what's beyond her budget!

When we headed back into the car, I said to her "See, if the workmanship is good and provided they just stay put, I guess the Feng Shui lies in words of mouth?"


"I'm not sure if it cang (can) work or nok (not) but if it cang (can) you buy me a jarge (jug) of beer. Okeh!" That's one of my colleagues, a manager. He has a great problem with expressing himself in proper English and by far, using the right grammar. The few GM's who served our company looked down on him for the way he speaks, they just tune-out.

And this guy has worked his way through another position as a Manager in a well known Semiconductor company in Singapore, came back and still speak the same way, no improvement at all. Yet... the delivery of his broken English served better than those who speaks well. Why.... it's all the passion and sincerity we see in his eyes when he explains even through his occassional stuttering.


Some people say, in this country if we can't speak English, it is difficult to get a job, if you get a job, you'll have difficulties climb up the ladder. There are so many talented Engineering Drawing, Photography experts, gadget Mechanics out there, who can't speak English. Correct me if I'm wrong if some of you are interviewers who suffer brain and heart aches seeing misfits and mismatch of talents. Boleh buat kerja tapi tak boleh speak English, average skills tapi boleh speak English, nak hire mana satu?

I may digress left to right, because lately I haven't the time to think how to arrange my points.

Look at Saiful Nang, his grammar may not be perfect, but who can disqualify him from running his own business. Look at Bernard Chandran, his English bersepah even his French is poor but he made it there and here. Their customers are those whose education are sky high and carry certain honorifics.

I guess no one will have the rights to look down at us if we try create our own destiny.

Note to Self: We're all stuck in an evil system, trying to be like everyone else--earn monthly salary.

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