Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Apasal kan?

Who needs plastic surgery, match maker and private investigator?

Apasal kan.....

Kita carik bomoh untuk tanam susuk, untuk cara shortcut carik bini and laki, semua benda-benda yang buat orang kita Melayu ni rasa insecure semuanya mintak tolong bomoh, bomoh mesti ada solutionnya. Kalau barang kemas hilang pun jumpa bomoh, boleh jumpa pulak benda tu. Segala jenis iblis dengan orang bunian semua dia boleh cari.

Who needs archeologist?
Yang baru ni ada mamat kat Melaka mengaku dia ada darah Kesultanan Melaka sebab ada pawang bagitau dia mana keris Taming Sari by making the so called Sultan's spirit find his roots. So funny to see that man menobatkan diri sendiri jadi Sultan.

But why is it....
bila budak-budak kecik hilang, tak ada pulak bomoh yang nak tampil bagi expertise tilik mana dia pegi, siapa kidnap dia suma?

Who needs Pest Control and Security Guard?
Apasal kan....

Zaman dulu-dulu diaorang pakai saka harimau berantai suma tu untuk jaga bendang, tanaman, rumah dari bencana perompak, haiwan perosak.

Sekarang semua orang tak nak warisi saka. Apasal tak pakai saka untuk jadi invisible security guard untuk their neighbourhood and halau haiwan perosak macam gagak ke?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pay It Forward.

This is a wayyyyyyyyy off the date entry in commemoration of Hari Merdeka.

Tapi I nak cerita jugak.

A guy by the nick, Swoosh#5, a Malaysian, father of two now living in Switzerland who knew about my new venture here in KL. He's definitely a complete stranger.. what brought him to message me was actually about Ujang the cartoonist.

He gave me a contact number as a prospect to try out my first venture... and BAM! the deal was sealed, in four figures. What the client will get is hopefully double or triple of what he has invested for.

Sometimes I was afraid if this would mean I'd owe him something. But he said, it's the smallest way to help out and he believe that my 'methods' will help people learn how to save money.

A guy by the name
David Kor, a 60 year old single and retired Chief Steward with MAS who is now a reknown wedding concept maker for the royalties and celebs, took two Malay boys who are sons of a separated couple. He raised them by also sending them to learn the Al-Quran and put his company name under theirs. They are taught the art of welding irons, twirling organzas and lace and sculpting aluminiums to make intricate wedding accessories so David can pass the business down to them.

A couple by the name of Shan and Santha who lives 40 minutes away from a tuition center attended by knowledge deficient group of students dedicatedly 5 nights/6 days a week help out the 90% Malay, 5% Indians, 5% Chinese students to excel by charging only RM90 per mth for three subjects once a week class. They still manage to provide air conditioning in the centre by spending their own pocket money to provide a more conducive place for the students to learn and excel, sometimes spoil them with candies and taught them with lots of love and patience.

We all grow up with great ambitions, to have Masters in something, Doctorate in something, but why is it that many will go abroad to earn themselves more money and forget about how much help is needed here. Why is it that we grow up to get more just for our own body, for status...

I remember attending a Business Opportunity Session, a celeb's husband gave his testimony on how he became successful almost got me puking blood on his face while he was giving his presentation.

He asked us the normal question, WHAT'S YOUR DREAM??? And to almost everyone in the room, dream is materialistic achievements, one said it is a Ferrari (boooorrinnng!), one said it is a mansion in Monte Carlo (but with a bod that'll surely make him barred from entering the island!), another said he wants to earn RM50k a month.

All he said is in two years, he got his dream Beemer which in M'sia costs RM240K after telling his mummy, that this time he WILL become a millionaire out of doing this biz venture.

Sooo...... what???

Where's the people who can say, from all the money I earned, I get to fulfil other dream, like

own a high tech poultry farm, or
  • buy helicopters to transport in-distress wild animals out of food barren jungle, or
  • build modern free schools at a perkampungan nelayan,
  • put up a community service personal message billboard, or
  • send spoilt kids to Outward Bound School or fisherman's village homestay programs.
  • buy infrastructure to reinstil knowledge of cooking, sewing and homekeeping for primary school girls.
Instead of 'I bought a big car and yes I have given a hefty cheque to the old folks home... pffttttt!' or 'Yeah, I've held this charity dinner by inviting Shah Rukh Khan and sold tables for RM10k each to raise funds for the Johor flood victims'.

The good samaritans above are people who represents the Malay, Chinese and Indian race who sees people regardless of race and religion in giving their helping hands. If there's like thousands of people like this, who needs the corrupted government?

Yeaaahh..... I the holier than thou!

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