Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I was Changed.

I remember reading a chain email that says something about the kind of virtues women should find in their life partners (other than wondering if we have one of those ourselves); that he is not just kind to strangers but also to his own parents.

It is a long list, if you get someone who fits all, then you found an angel, you'd enjoy that if you are an angel yourself. If you get someone that fits fairly half of them, i think it is fair to say you've met someone as imperfect as you are --which is just perfect!

Long ago I thought these philosophical mumbo jumbos are made out by people who had sky high expectations. But now when I look at it without cynical thoughts, I think the meaning is quite simple and acceptable. It is easy to portray kindness to strangers. But to pretend to be kind to one's own parents?

It's surprising how many persons go through life without ever recognising that
their feelings towards other people are largely determined by their feelings
towards themselves, and if you're not comfortable within yourself, you can't be
comfortable with others.

- Sydney J. Harris.

You, you make no mistake
You take everything I ever wanted into account
When you walk into the room
You give room breathing room
Talk and turn never too late or too soon

You are poetry in motion
You inspire power and devotion
You are the turning of the tide underneath
You are the potential in me

You are the first one that I wish to tell
Everything that matters, matters because you reflect it back so well,
You see understanding wherever you are standing
Between reason and passion - balance

You are my strongest link
You are everything I ever wanted to be

You are poetry in motion
You inspire power and devotion
You are the turning of the tide underneath

By Leann Rimes


Life is indeed so interesting.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Changing the Right Things.

We are blessed with these.

And live up to an average of just 70 years.

So how should we let these gifts consumed? By obtaining the highest power, by evolving into masculine figures, are we ever satisfied (the breast size, the money, the man, the attention)...?

How do we let ourselves weathered? Are they things that help us to grow old gracefully?

Behind every succesful man is a woman?

Can we make our man change for the sakes of our people? Can we whisper our wishes for the world free against war to him before he goes to bed everyday? Can we tell him that money is not everything but it's not as important as family'd unison and dignity?

Or are we just good at turning marriages into an instant get-rich scheme?

How can we give everything to him, to this world? Through being self centered or selfless?

Monday, June 05, 2006

Good, Clean, Penny Wise Fun.

How about paying RM14 for a bottle of this compared with for a can of Coke?

Actually, I haven't been an avid clubber for a couple of years after my Zaman Kembali ke Pangkal Jalan 5 years ago. But when Bar Savanh opened, we frequent the place once a month as we found it to be a great place to bump into old friends, listen to nostalgic melodies and there are parts and corners in the club where you can still sit down and enjoy a decent conversation.

But what sucks always is that my conversations is always accompanied with either a flat glass of Coke or a geeky glass of Pussy Foot. So you know, paying RM14 for a Coke and RM17 for a mocktail surely kills half of the fun - one starts to feel like a second class citizen just because one doesn't drink alcohol.

The bar tender will say things like, "The faster you get drunk, the faster you get to the dance floor!". That's bullshit. One doesn't need to hide behind a facade to enjoy oneself???!!!

I am just wondering why club owners can't be more thoughtful. Sure Carlsberg, Tiger and JD sponsors some of their events, but not Coke!

Note the difference:

Beer per mug (happy hour) approx: RM8.00

Beer per mug (other hours) approx: RM16.00

Coke (all soft drinks) at all time: RM11-14

C'mon club owners don't need to be prejudice over non-alcoholic customers eih? It doesn't mean we don't want to spend money for your ambience and entertainment.

Have you guys tried Bundaberg range of soft drinks? Who ain't a sucker for great packaging. But this things tastes as good as it looks.

If you wanna enjoy it at home, you can buy them in Cold Storage, I buy them mostly from the one in Great Eastern Mall and the supermarket in Bangsar Village. It's about RM4.70 per bottle. In the clubs, I don't think anyone would mind being charged RM11-14 per bottle for it as it offers a different flavour, a different attitude.
I remember drinking a non-alcoholic beer in Mofaz go-cart circuit in Sg. Penchala. The taste is exactly just like the real thing.
You'll be surprised how many tudung wearing gals seek good music nowadays. I wonder who'd dare to open up non-alcohol clubs in the near future.

And yeah, if Oxygen Bar in Bangsar works, you think juice bars in the clubs might work too?

Oh! Another gripe, for not having a need to 'open bottle', we can never get to book a decent place to rest our asses. RM280 - RM360 per whisky bottle! Not like it's tasty. Sell la those non-alcoholic wine, at least we have something.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


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What makes you happy?

My good friend F told me recently:

“Poncho, you know what makes me happy? When you get up on a Sunday morning with the morning sun rays through the window and the sound of your baby gurgling to himself in the crib and looking at your husband face gently snoozing by your side”

A reknown management guru told me very recently:

“follow your bliss, do whatever makes you happy”

So to each, his own.

Sometimes you get challenges thrown to you in droves at some point of life. You really take a beating and start to ask questions why you are being targeted for such challenges when you feel that it is totally unjustified.

In such circumstances, when there’s no one else to depend on but yourself, you even surprise yourself. When the chips are really, really down you need to tell yourself that it would all pass and its just momentarily. Once you’ve passed through that phase and look back you will say “damn, I’m proud of myself” and you end up being a better, stronger and calmer person. Only then would you be able to see that life ought to be lived to the fullest and the petty things don’t really matter.

And you know what? It really feels damn good looking at it from the outside in the end. The sun does really shine in the end.


For once, I am truly and really happy.


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