Monday, January 23, 2006

Cakap-cakap Kosong.

Although my entry now comes in after long intervals, I do get withdrawal symptoms..... I surprise myself!

Been paying internet bills tapi tak dapat pakai PC because the network card 'kaput'ed. The TM people are now very canggih, they'd teach you to troubleshoot from home to find out if your ADSL modem really needs to be exchanged with a new one. Terhantuk-hantuk kepala bukak switch tu kabel ni bawah meja thinking I could fix it quickly, tengok-tengok kena spend duit lagi. Arrgghhh!!!!

No, I can't think straight in the office to get it done.

So much happened since New Year... hopefully cuti CNY after I came back from my trip, the PC is all perfect again.



1. Adoring
I think the writer is a female who in contrary, speaks and writes perfect English.

2. Always get tickled by theyogainstructordiaries
I get to relive some of me in her when I was much younger. Kalaulah aku dapat cuci rambut, buat yoga and pakai mekap macam you, habis suma artis artis tak leh carik makan taaauuu. Anyways, hoping for some of her energy to infect me.

3. Angelina Jolie and Brad's progress is just oh so inspiring.
I couldn't stop going "Oh my Gaawwddd! Oh my Gaawwddd!!" I think they love and enjoyment over each others social and welfare interest are real. Angelina said she wants to have a rainbow family, where she'd have children of all races and religion, if possible 7 of them. What else could portray more selflessness about her? And then she gets nurtured with the most sexy looking touche and delicious dimpled man pulak....hadooiihhh sungguh terharu dan kagum saya melihatnya.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Erti Banyak Buah Pengorbanan.

4 year old blonde's cool and calm climb up intermediate wall at C5 rock climbing gym. She climbed with the help of an auto belayer.
This has nothing to do with my subject title though.

30 year old brunette's (cewah!) hands suffered rope burn on the same day in pursuit of saving my climbing partner daripada patah pinggang due to free fall. It hurt the first snap that I almost let go off the rope, I was numbed by my own shouts. Got the method of holding the rope down wrongly, and it doesn't help when I belayed someone 20kgs heavier. It was cared so well that I didn't need to struggle too much on my flight back to KB and now it's healing quite neatly.

"Inilah korban satu bahagian sunat Aidil Adha kerana Allah Taala".

I am taken by Pak Lah's (not the DPM) enthusiast at slaughtering the cows, he went from one group of people to another to coach us what to do, what to expect and what to utter with a smile on his face all the time.

I could only watch Che Su and Pak Su dividing the meat into 20 parts coz my hands are wounded. And then get driven to all the recipients' destinations by them.

Dear God, What do I do without You? I am thankful even for just being allowed to exist in this beautiful world of Yours.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Susu Strikes.

I have discovered an alternative sweetener called Splenda that tastes exactly the same as sugar yet doesn't leave that strange aftertaste on the tongue. The calorie content is 1/10 of normal sugar. Unfortunately, it is not available here. If you've got frens who flies down to UK, kirimkan.


One of my new year's resolutions is to cut down on food that could raise the possibilities of contracting me diabetes or anything could make me grow fatter. Hey! As age catches up, we ain't gonna spend too much time working out to burn calories instead of sitting back and relax are we?

Then I saw the news in yesterday's Malay Mail regarding Malaysian's high consumption of teh tarik which contributes to rising stroke disease cases.

It's so appalling to learn that Malaysia is actually the no. 1 condensed milk consumer in the world. What??? Of course India is not the real no. 1, they use fresh cow or goat's milk in their drinks and they work very hard.

Don't you wonder.... if we were to request for the statistics of condensed milk consumption be zoomed down by every state of the country, which one would have the highest rate?

I remember during my primary school years, when we go back to Kelantan for Hari Raya, the kids are in charge of sending buah tangan to all the neighbours on the first day. This will continue until we run out of our own food. So what do we do? Tok Wey (grandma) will go to the back room and pull a huge basin full of many many cans of condensed milk. She'll wrap each of them nicely with the newspaper, arrange four cans on a small tray and harness the set with a square white cloth so we can hold the top tied part to pass over.

To my surprise, Tok Wey said that even when there's no occassion, this is quite a standard item used as buah tangan. Sometimes, it is two cans of condensed milk and two cans of Laici.

As I grow older, the practise had seemed to fade.

I am still very curious to know, which state has the highest consumption, Kelantan ke Penang ke KL (for having so many mamak outlets)?

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