Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Cigarettes manufacturer pun Tak Nak.

Feeder 10:30pm: Oh pardon moi! I got the wrong info (see last sentence) the award winning Marlboro Ads below is the work of an individual, read his interesting story.
A SELF-CONFESSED tobacco addict, Piyush Pandey nonetheless wrote one of the world’s most famous anti-smoking ads.
Actual Posting.
I read time and time again on interviews towards people who can't quit smoking. But just one of those many answers sounded most logical to me,
"I can't live without the action of having the cigarette between my fingers, I'll miss the moments."
Oh! Another one that got to me was,
"It's the best thing that helps to enhance the way we express our emotions in silence." -That's escapism-
Well, who am I to judge what you guys feel? I guess the nicotine content is a by-the-way thing, what's available is what u choose. In M'sia, the levels amongst available ciggy brands are almost the same anyways.

Do you know that Sarah Jessica Parker only smokes ciggy with cabbage leaf fillings while she was acting in 'Sex And the City'? Oh yeah, how unmasculine, bleaaghhh!!!

So that's why most girls opt for Cartier and Salem Lights to produce the same 'showmanship' at lower risks? But then the body will force you to double the intake anyways.

So this is what Philip Morris is calling out for, to let you keep the same lifestyle but in a safer way, but since when M'sians are known as idealists?

To read content click [here]
RM100million paid to Lim Kok Wing for a 5 year contract of 'Tak Nak' campaign is a waste of money, coz who's scared of death, black lungs and black teeth.. come up with something new lah, kan? Who smokes and who doesn't is not 'Maine's' issue here, better make use of taxpayers money geniusly. I'm not gonna tell you exactly how coz I know no one will pay me intellectual property fees.

Many of us know that Japan produces ciggy with the lowest nicotine content (the ultra low - 0.1mg per ciggy)in the world. Our Philip Morris should've bought their 'recipe' or could've done it much earlier, but why didn't they? Why waste money on advertising the above? Real motive??

Keypoints excerpt from 'Sample Japan'

"Japan tobacco is the sole producer of tobacco products in Japan." --note that they don't even plant their own tobacco!

What's also interesting is since some countries impose 'etiquette advertising' for ciggy co's for tv ads to still allow them to help stimulate the economy.. they respond to it positively, like restrictions we see in F1 races.

Second Hand Smoke Kills
I think, it will create a pull instead, if they put that picture on Marlboro ciggy box as limited edition product, it will sell like super hot cakes. Marlboro, or rather Philip Morris itself had won an antismoking ad award for this!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Is it worth it to keep one undecisive kapchai rider alive?

Feeder 28th July: Izwan said "The rascals are mostly teenagers."
Okay, agreed. My concern is now focused on this category only.

My sister was on the Puchong highway to get to her workplace in Cyberjaya. I heard what kind of nightmare the road is. The left lanes are exits to respective destinations thus, cars will try to keep on the fastlane to avoid jamming on the brakes too often. They'll speed swerve over three lanes when they get near their exit lane. Things get worse when they are about to turn on the last minute and motorcyclist on the left won't give way or pretend they cannot see! So, that's what happened, one kapchai rider needed to turn left 5 feet from the end of the split, the car behind jammed on the brakes and spun, three cars behind crashed bumper to bumper. The fucking bloody kapchai rider just rode on as if he didn't know he was the cause of it, well, of course if he had stayed, he's so in deep sheaat! That caused losses of time, money and brain cells to 4 car drivers.

I wrote about kapchai riders once in my previous blog. JPJ is the best party to conduct their lifestyle survey coz they have half of the details already. Add more queries such as income, workplace (their travelling distance to work and whether they work in the heart of town is essential details), number of family vehicle, job title etc. I am so sure the results will not entail the govts decision to relieve these ppl from paying road tax. At least not the kapchai riders in busy cities because the govt should use the money to make more kapchai roads so they don't seem like flies anymore... speeding and charging selfishly right infront of our foreheads!

I don't even agree kapchai motorcycle type should exist anymore, maybe just on islands, or very secluded kampungs - it shouldn't be allowed on highways, for long distance travelling and for carrying pillions. Best if it is completely discontinued and replaced with safer models. I think ppl who works a bit harder to get safer model motorcycles have different mindsets, they are largely more considerate on the roads and care more about their family and most of all themselves.

Stop nurturing third world country image and mindset, no more kapchais in the cities.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

'apy belated birfday Emmy n Bel

Bel celebrated her's 4 1/2kgs lighter but dunno if being 31 seem heavy (love u Beeel! Call me monyet all u want!)Looking at the picture, you're the most radiant!. Emmy celebrated her last bday as a bachelorette. Thanks for inviting, had a jolly good time surrounded by more gals, also to witness what it's like to go through both situations.

Got to know my own 2nd cousin better (ur not that mild afterall eh!), spoilt y'all's plans to get wasted coz I'm such an angel, got to dress up like a whore chic aftr so long, yay!. Here's a nice sunshiny picture of Liana, Shawn and Bern.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Malas = Malaysia for Indons

Born to speak Bahasa Malaysia, could live and think in that language for 20 over years, yet the English Language which I hardly knew how to use helps me more in  expressing my thoughts and feelings wide and thorough.
Bahasa Baku and buku sounds unfriendly and formal.  Once I get closer to the world of Communications, it's worst, it is not easy to use Bahasa Malaysia in copywriting.  I mean, nothing can sound more catchy than "Lunch and Learn".. what "Makan dan Belajar"??  What about copywriting  movie titles such as "The Day After Tomorrow"? Is it "Lusa"?  The depth of the meaning is not there.
Amir Muhammad's articles in The Edge are those I cannot miss, now that he is in Jakarta observing their society's behaviour.  In his article last two months on 'Bahasa Gaul' he mentioned how this urban subcultural slang is used to compensate new words for new lifestyle that is not introduced in their dctionary yet. 
Clubbing  -  Malay word?  - Indon's is: dugem (short for: dunia gemerlap (sparkling night)
They express the word to describe 'sparkling outfits, disco lights, smiling faces'.
Hell we won't think that way! Sparkling in the brains after the fourth 'thani' maybe la.
A minor celebrity, Debby Sahertian, had actually compiled all the words and came up with 'Kamus Gaul' in 2001.
Here, if the word 'Sexist' in BM already became a debate for more than a month, don't even try babes!  Still yet, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka couldn't design a new word to describe it in BM.
Gaul also functions by adding on syllables to standard words; making the resultant words longer than original term.
Statement: "Akika Malaysia ah ngobras samsara Diana Ross!"
Meaning: "Aku malas ah ngobral (berbicara) sama dia!"
Can you make a connection?
Word: Haus
Becomes: Australia
So if you are in Jakarta and already by hard their dicky and still feel so lost and so Malaysia to understand coz they talk so fast, you know why.
This article is specially dedicated to Khairul and ShinShin, the challenges I faced in preparing this for you made me learn new exciting things.  I have scanned the newspaper article but in the midst of renting some cyberspace to link it to this page.  Will keep you posted.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Get a grip us girls!

This goes out to female species after you get yourself a bfren.

How often do you actually feel comfortable shopping with your gfrens instead? What about having a real, sincere conversation over coffee, (no, not just once in two months)just gals? What about holding weekly sports session for just gals? What about not going crazy for just staying at home and figure out a new self improvement plans such as home aerobics, redecorating, reading other than going for a hair wash etc WHILE your bfren needs to spend time to play futsal or go for teh tarik to talk about football, other chics, cars, their own instincts about Noritta n Canny Ong's case (which you have no idea wht it's all about) which you'll find boring and wanna leave after 1/2 an hour if you had tagged along (see guys always have fucked up, long winded healthy agendas!)

What about driving yourseves to Citibank to pay up your dues instead of waiting till your bfren is free to drive you? How often do you say 'yes' to your gfrens on requests to meet up without checking if your bfren is also having an official apmt with ppl you approve(so tht you can make sure he's not seeing another)? I mean of your own intentions!!

Do you actually experience being able to see your friend only when she's about to breakup coz she suddenly feels lonely, or better, only after she breaks up because she needs to tell herself that life goes on! Then when they made up, she doesn't need u anymore.
Well, I'm lucky to have friends who do put fair priority towards her friends, who has integrity with her promises with us.
But really, I see too many girls out there who are too clingy and get insecure and left out and berserk if their bfren leaves them alone for more than 1/2 a day, especially on the days he rises late.

Idea: Get involved in a new hobby, fraternity, association , read more general knowledge issues so that more things will open up and become meaningful to you other than just your bfren. Once in awhile, arrange for a group trip, the research work will keep you occupied and excited. Arrange for male n female sports sessions. Just come up with self project and group project, anything.

So our kind won't seem empty, pathetic, insecure and lack of character and over self pampering.
And guys, stop calling your gal 10 times an hour if she's out with her frens and late 1/2 an hour to see you! If you need to see her all the time, get married.

"In the next 10 years, I don't wanna look back and regret for the things I wish I had done" - Zain
Ponder the morals behind the episodes in Sex and The City (guys, it's not just a feel good show!).

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Tiara Jacquelina's inspiring thoughts.

"I like being around people with positive energy - people who have something to contribute".
That reminds me of the late Joe and Siti Hajar. Aunty, I regard you as my friend and peer you know, you've got a great heart!

Tiara also recited this:
"Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you've never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. And live as though heaven is on earth." Yeah it's familiar, but credits given for remembering it. Tiara's positiveness is contageous, I guess that's why she attracts influential men.

Heaven is on earth when I'm nearest to nature.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

AF2, a good yardstick to scale M'sian society's emotions.

It's amusing to read ngising's article. She finds, Kudsia's (head, panel judges) comment on Mas, (a 'kampungkated', thick bod, real, down to earth, not so good husky voiced, mother of two) one of the contenders as being sexy. Mas just had to sing "Can't Get U Outta My Head"-Kylie's number so horribly coz she couldn't utter a single English word correctly and maybe also because she can't breathe in that tight warlike vest. Her forgetfulness towards the lyric was saved by the background singers almost 100% of the time.
So really, one can't still try to be polite to her by saying she's sexy just because she's a single parent and rather poor.

But it's a good yardstick to scale what the 'Melayu's' in M'sia are largely like. Pitch sad stories, slapstick jokes, endless crying sessions... finishla, they'd long to give you super moral support and to hell with being focused and impartial.

Hanif Basree, (ok la he is kinda good looking), had fans shouting 'Hidup Hanif' outside the courtroom, he's not a murderer but his lifestyle is a good example? 'Hidup Hanif' is ultra cynical, coz it sure means he's now the husbands' idol, anyone knows if he's got a fan club now? Woi gimme the website pls!

Idea: For opportunists, use this emotions yardstick to find what's suitable to sell or advertise around Akademi Fantasia's set of ppl.
Example: Movie script writers, now you know what kind of script goes out to these freaks who spend hundreds on Afundis (SMS votes). Karaoke
CD's for 80's malay songs surely get sold out if sold outside the Civic Centre. Use this yardstick to your advantage! Then blog for anger management like ngising.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Idea for weekend day trip - Gua Tempurung, Gopeng, Perak.

Phewwhh! What a nice feeling to wake up and not having to get into office clothes and start looking like everyone else.

Weekends are always filled with activities to get as near as possible with nature. For those who have not been in any cave, this is a cheap and easy start. Great as team building activity for company's with no time for long trips or to bring friends and cousins instead of the usual tengok wayang, pergi PD, and unsightly waterfalls in Ulu Langat. For couples, instead of doing your boring routine of watching DVD's at home, then end up making out, go do something different.

To finish the entire cave plus cave appreciation takes 4 hours. Be sure you'll lose so much calories. It's clean and well lit, the concrete steps to go upwards are well structured.

Location: 1 plus hours from Damansara Toll.
Use North-South Highway by exiting through the Gopeng
interchange (about 25km south of Ipoh).
Very stressless journey on the highway 3/4 of the route.
Cheap Ticket rate: RM9-RM15 per person depending on route type.
Grade: Take the Supreme Tour if you're an adventure seeker.

What to Bring

Camera,Good walking shoes,Change of clothes,Towel,Toiletries,Insects Repellent ,Torch Light : All in well harnessed backpack.

The stalagtites and stalagmites form mysterious statues that makes your surrounding a breathtaking gallery. There's only one tourist guide that takes one group at a time around the whole cave, without him, you will only be able to get 1/5 of the knowledge and fun. So I recommend calling them (Tel : 603 - 2070 8667) and book the time if you're going in a group of 10, if not, you can just tag along with others.

Not on rainy days! The water level goes up and usually they'll allow you to only wander on the dry route for 1 hour.

Tips: I recommend that you shouldn't read too much about it before you go except studying the map, then you are surely in for a surprise on your way out of the cave! If you're going back South, stop by Yik-Mun Pau Restaurant at Tanjung Malim for a hot cup of coffee, Mee Hailam and the famous Yik-Mun Pau... fuiiyoo! Wholesome mini vacation I tell yewh!

Friday, July 09, 2004

Pretentious KLites?

Pretentious KLites?

It's been many years since Uno's and Retro music, Brannigan's and Retro music, Modesto's and R&B in that bungalow. I only remembered people chatting, moving their bods with perfect coordinations towards the music, modesty, honesty, classy, elegance, maybe some were hi on grass but it didn't make them stick their ears in the dance floor speakers. Laughters, fried la-la, teh o-ais and fried kuey teow by the road side together.
All that worth remembering.

I don't remember half naked chics, empty dance floors, bad coordinations, music with meaningless lyrics or none at all, drugs that make people get hi till they can continue nodding their heads as fast as the beat of the synthesizer, RM45 cover charge or first drink, RM10 for parking, 3 glasses of RM11 drinks each at Coffee Bean.
All that worth forgetting.

That's why I put a lot of effort to get back to blogging. Fresh air, pyjamas, cats, intelligence, cheap, safe... music with meaningful lyrics.

Listening to I'll Be Over You -Toto.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Ian Wright and Mike Myers should act together!

It's usually hard to get two of a unique character, at least not at the same time. Any equivalent to P. Ramlee? Michael Jackson's not dead yet, any? Madonna? No please don't say it's Britney ok!
Look at how animatic Ian is. He could pass off being between Mini-Me and Austin Powers. Fantasia Barrino of American Idol is such a female version of Chris Tucker of Rush Hour, she should've sang "Beat It".

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Beautiful Indonesian words.

It was such an agony trying to express myself to the maid even in my own mother tongue, Bahasa Malaysia. I kept stammering. She desperately wanted to justify herself and all I wanted to do was to put things in perspective for her so she'd know everyone's frustrated only because they want to provide the best for each other.

Among the things she mentioned:"Saya sudah tahu menyelami jiwanya, maka saya tahu apa yang dimaksudkan"
Meaning "I knew how to embrace her feelings, therefore I know (from her gestures) what she meant."

"Perkara-perkara begitu jangan dicandakan. Saya hanya mahu melakukan kerja yang terbaik." Canda means 'make fun'.

"Keras kerana membina bukan untuk menindas." Meaning, being tough yet constructive, not to put anyone down.

Try saying those sentences in Bahasa Malaysia! I saw the phrase 'rinai tawamu' in a lyric which means 'the querk of your smile'. What's that in B. Malaysia?

Monday, July 05, 2004

Watched Spidey II.
So much more emotions coming from Peter Parker. Yeah, Kirsten Durst needs push-up as much as she gets pulled up in that movie. The first actress I know who didn't grow up wearing braces and still gets shortlisted in the FHM. The movie taught a good lesson among many; it takes a lot to be a confidante of society's ''hero'' (any man who thinks they are out to 'save the world').
Would women behind sucksessful men like Bush and Blair be able to help make a difference within their husband's head? I mean, do they say 'Go Tiger!' too when they're out to declare war?
Hello world! I thought I'd still continue with this although my dream was to have it as perfect as Aizuddin's, but me ain't no RTFM and genius frens ain't DAT helpful!!!

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