Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One for the Record.

Mainey #: iskandar going UK 19th to 5th

baibon: and...

Mainey #: let's meet in his new house on the 10th for brunch

Mainey #: brian pun nanti ada

baibon: when is 10th?

baibon: remind me when the date is near

baibon: anyways wtf is he doing with a new house if he's going to uk?

Mainey #: HOLIDAY LAAA Write in your ipod now.

baibon: ok sudah

Mainey #: put alarm

baibon: boring betul- I'm stuck also, people are expecting the same from me

baibon: pressures of society

Mainey #: the house warming dia dah lama buat laaa

Mainey #: this is just to meet up for old time sakes.

baibon: ok

baibon: but still

baibon: it's getting harder and harder for me to meet new people and talk about the weather and other pointless stuffs

Mainey #: isssh betul laaa

baibon: i got the hots for sufiah

Mainey: (*^&%&*^%&^% you're too old and too poor for that... for her I mean.

baibon: The thought of discussing about shit like the silent submarine propulsion system in Red October, Brain Green's String Theory, quantum dynamics, ray tracing etc after sex with a hot chick..... before doing it again..... aaaahhh......

baibon: read her interview?

Mainey #: *read, read, read. WOOOOWWWW!

baibon: what? she turns u on to?

baibon: I always knew you were a butch deep inside

Mainey #: shadap la

baibon: butch

baibon: u know it's hard to find attractive intelligent ladies these days

baibon: to be fair I can consider u as one tapi sekarang tak tau la hehe

baibon: i cannot tahan those bimbos

Mainey #: wuuuuaaaa **terbisu kejap
Oiiii, I am still intelligent.... Ok!!!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


I've been working with my current company for the past 12 years, at the time I am searching for the best thing that suits my soul.. though there's so many...
I will definitely get back to teaching.. in some way... I will.

Everybody wants to make the world a better place to live in. Everybody wants to do something that can make them mentally immortal.

Untuk masa depan saudara Islamku dan juga masyarakat yang memajmukkan keadaan sekelilingku.

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