Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Musseling My Points.

"Sayang, can you explain the taste of mussels to me."

"It tastes really good."

"Okaylah, but explain in what way is it good. Is it meaty, is it in its sweetness, what, which part of it, how? I can say the flower crab tastes good coz some part of it is elastic yet sweet, some part of it that is soft and creamy, and it's got this clean fulfilling taste other seafood doesn't. What the hell is so good about mussels?"

"To me all seafood tastes good. It's sweet la I guess."


To me mussels is the most phoney element in meals. Unlike the clam, no one would say, "I love to eat mussels" especially prepared boiled just by itself. It will taste good only with accompaniments like cheese cream, olive oil and spring onion or chopped chillies and so on. The look of it, big shelled and blue in colour or algae green makes it able to make Vongole soup look expensive and wholesome eventhough you get only ONE mussel in there.

It boggles my mind even more when people put a laddle full of chilli de-shelled mussels in their plate of rice when they don't even remember the taste of it after.

So yeah... what's the big deal with mussels? I'm just wondering, whyyyyyyyy do people like eating it? Because of its larger than life look that makes it seem the best right before the luzurious oyster?


Oh, oh, oh, if you ask me what's so good about clams (kerang), truthfully yes it does have a certain kind of sweetness that comes out of its pouch. But what many don't realise is the subconscious fulfilment you get out of eating it. Clams is high in zinc, just like Ribena, do you realise that you get a certain kind of good mood and at ease after having them?

For adults as we get older the body tends to lose a lot of zinc and make less of it especially among women as we lose it more during menses. Enough Zinc helps in stabilising blood pressure thus enhances alertness. THAT is how clams is tasty!

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