Sunday, August 28, 2005

Intellectual Intercourse

Some haven't even get there, in terms of realizing, when you'd know your body is lain for the sakes of obligations or responsibility or routine.. yet your mind is elsewhere.

Everyone, even those who's been married or in a relationship for perhaps more than 10 years yearn for those levitating, core-shaking make-out, where you could still see into each other's eyes, where you'd still take each other's breath in and still have pillow talk before we unconsciously doze-off.

Yeap, it's not easy to have both body and soul while you're at it all the time. Sometimes it doesn't take the relationship to age that long to make your mind wander somewhere else, it's probably money, or health that could just put us out of focus sometimes.

Now that I got your attention, I'll continue my entry about the uncool subject.

I've been so disturbed by the recent updates on Muslim Extremists and Alternative. Yes, namely Ayah Pin and the recent shock about the self proclaimed Rasul (Muslim's latest Prophet) who was born in Hulu Kelang. His name is Kahar. Kahar being the Extremist, Ayah Pin being the Alternative.

I will just discuss Kahar this time, the person who resorted to resign from being a (self proclaimed) Prophet after being arrested and prosecuted before the Syariah Court. He is already in his 50's, he should've employed a Communication Manager to spread his installation, or he should just consider himself a Hulu Kelang Community Prophet instead.

A part of what he claimed are wrong about the 5 tenets for Muslims are :

1. That we shouldn't perform any (5x daily) prayers at all. We shouldn't we get ourselves ridiculed by bowing and bending and talk to ourselves and behave similar to the looneys.
2. That performing Haj is the Arab's conspiracy to make huge profits.

Most Islamic Extremist and Alternatives in Malaysia have what's mentioned in No. 1 as a common pull factor.

This is where my point will relate to intellectual intercourse tickler above.

God is (not should or must) the mightiest being, the one that was there before the universe existed, the one that created us, yet the being that most of us take for granted; to only turn to Him in time of needs, pain, sadness.

In our 5 tenets of being a Muslim, God mentioned that four of them are what we need to do for ourselves, not for Him. He asked but for only one, fast for Him. Even that, He had made it easy for us, by getting all the satans chained for the whole of the holy month of Ramadhan.

Why is prayers, for example, He said, is for us? Whatever good we say to ourselves will turn out to be good to our souls, it is that simple, if you want to understand it in scientific manner, read here.

But then again, why do we have to do it (pray) in such a manner? The intellectual intercourse explanation is my metaphor. We devote our body and soul even to someone who did not create us, even to nothingness when we dance, we move our body and let ourselves lose.

We'd weep in silence if we sense our other half makes love to us yet have his mind on another woman or perhaps trying not to face your wrinkles too closely. We submit to him that lowly, but not vice versa.

We'd have doubts if there's any connection with our dance partner if eye contact cannot be achieved.

Shouldn't devotion to God who creates us be done is the most worshipping manner? Which is why, if you hadn't noticed, we moved ALL our body parts while we pray, INCLUDING our mouth when we utter our prayers. If we'd flip over a brash love making, what is it like towards God, the One that made most of us have two hands, two feet, eyes to see all the beauty he has provided to everyone regardless of differences of religion, if we pray to Him when our mind isn't even there and our body refuse to even move to symbolise submission?

If we don't agree to bow down to the Sultan, I would still understand lah, but, who would not even respect the 'adat' (ritual)?

It's funny when we sometimes wish for our wellbeing in our hearts while we're driving for instance but we refuse or just to too busy to commit to our basic 5x a day prayers. Our Creator is also suddenly the slave who takes wishes like Santa ke?

We'll be surprised, once we understand the hierarchy of importance of superiority, how it will change the way we serve and respect or instruct and reign certain people or principles in our lives.

My conclusion to this matter is, it is true that in our country, Islam is equated to the Malays as how we live reflects our basic belief. We are the race that always want to take and make things easy yet wants to have everything. No wonder the extremist and alternative Muslims that simplifies become so compelling to be followed, especially towards the uneducated.

Note to self: Never settle for shortcuts, work hard, live enthusiastically.

A Malay who ain't pious, ain't no ustazah.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mainey MD.

There’s a new TV programme on AXN called House. Love love love the way they constructed the content. Unlike ER, where they focus more on doctors’ in action and their lives apart from work, House gives a wider insights of each disease they cover in each episode. The editing includes taking the viewer to zoom into the anatomy and diagnose the disease together; everything is explained by illustration. It’s pretty much like CSI but for medical situation.

The actions revolve around an eccentric doctor who doesn’t like to see the patients. Instead, he diagnoses them through the reports submitted by all his housemen. They in turn will only conduct further examinations according to his advice.

Last episode excerpt:

Doctor and best buddy at the golf course.
Golfer: Do you think I’m ill? I’m starting to get all orange.
(his hands, face, fingers are all orange in colour)
What’s wrong with me? Can’t be anything that bad right?
Doctor: *looked at him from top to toe.
I think your wife is having an affair.
Golfer: *Speechless and didn’t try to dispute that statement. Sat quietly
in the locker room staring at his orange fingers.
Doctor: Of course, it’s definitely too much carrot or orange in your diet.
Just cut it down. I’ll put you in my schedule at noon tomorrow.
Golfer: *Took a long breath.
Doctor: It doesn’t mean your wife is not having an affair. You’re so orange
and yet she doesn't notice at all? Or is it that she completely just doesn't notice you?
Three years ago, a company’s recruitment exercise brought me to make friends with a nocturnal man of who spends only a mere 2 to 3 hours a day on his sleep. He’s a jovial, loud, lovable, pudgy man. And being generous, friends love to ask him out for drinks, then there’s also numerous business appointments which were mostly done outdoors.

After about one year of the same daily schedule, he shrunk tremendously, not to the point where he became skinny though, let’s say he had lost all his water and even his round stomach became half the size.

Everyone thinks he’s in love and that he had probably went on a strict diet. But I noticed, he still doesn’t have any problems consuming the same menu at the ‘mamak’ and two packs of ciggy a day.

I asked him how he suddenly got into such a good shape. He paused a long time and said, he didn’t do anything, but most diabetics would lose a tremendous amount of weight when the glucose level comes to an alarming stage. And it is in his family history!

It is in my family’s history too. When I knew this I quickly looked at his feet, unfortunately he wears proper shoes everytime he is with us. Eventhough it’s just casual meeting, he’d wear either his leather shoes or the Timberland sneakers.

See, diabetics usually bruise either internally (internal organs deterioration) or externally. Through observations I noticed a pattern, that if they bruise externally (due to poor circulation and cell repair), it is always worst around the feet area. There are usually signs of surface puncture of the size of 20 cents coin apart from boils erupting on other parts of the body every now and then. Well that provides me an instinctive CSI capability to tell if someone is diabetic.

Just soon after, we joined their company’s outdoor game and his shoe was torn. I was not surprised to see the bruises he had on his feet.

I wasn’t surprised that he said he never checked with any doctors on his health situation before, he’s scared of the syringe, dead scared!

Again, God is great, a few days after, his best friend who’s a doctor was with us and we both managed to coax him to go through the blood test using no syringe at all.

Glucose level of slightly above 7 is a sign of mild diabetes. His was 19! He looked at me with two expressions, relieved and frustrated. He had probably suffered from it a good two years ago or so. Every diabetes positive patients are advised to go for further health check up.

Over time, with regular visits to the reflexologist, he managed to maintain his glucose level at 7 and thought further check up is no longer necessary. About 4 months later, he passed away due to sudden heart attack, apparently there were 3 blockage in his artery.

In school, we are only provided with anti rubella jab, anti tetanus jab and tooth decay checks, but no glucose level checks. They should start this already.

So, hope you people will take more precautions. Brisk walk if you’re too lazy to work out at least once a week and make sure it’s more than ½ an hour! Spend some money once or twice a year on blood tests, it’s only RM90.

Note to self: Must go for pap smear test within the next two months.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sex in KL City.

While you had that kinda conversation over coffee Ponchoman, we girls were totally at a different frequency. Honestly, I wish it was all about us complaining that our man might be double timing, but no. We think it’s not a bad idea - that it happens on both sides of the table.

We wonder: Men born in 1975 and after are the new generation of domestic husbands who live off parents allowance (RM2K per month), spend their time fixing their project cars, become personal shopper for parents and play only indoor futsal?

We wonder: In this modern world with so many kinds of indulgence, newly invented hobbies, new means to communicate with friends and strangers, does it make us feel like we could lose our individuality and sense of movement once we get married? We like to do something (other than cooking) and he likes to do something else.

We wonder: Do we all need to (if we have the luck all the time) keep a male best friend who can serve as our emo confidante just so that we’re always sane and loyal to our man?


“You know what, he is so dainty like that. When we were at Sepang for Formula 1, right there on the greens, there’s this ulat gonggok (millipede) that curled itself beside him. He went “Eh, is that poisonous? Can you push it away?”
“Once I flicked it off with my fingers, he went extra berserk la you know! Telling me that I shouldn’t touch it with my fingers coz it’s poisonous. Mainey, dunia ni dah terbalik ke?”

B, on her now ex-boyfriend but may get back together after their 78th breakup.

While oogling at the male walking out of the changing room entrance….

“Do you think me being so active outdoors may tear my marriage apart? I’m so afraid that if we don’t evolve together, there’ll be a big gap in terms of compatibility between us. Sex became just an action instead of a subject already, eat me then chuck me!”
“He just won’t do anything but play computer games and sleep. I asked him to join me for this and that, he malas (lazy). The most we can discuss about is what’s on TV and what happened at work.”
“….. I talk with other people at work 5 days a week, I talk to my hobby buddies on weekends. Now…… why did I marry him in the first place? He thinks my hobbies are boyish, I think computer games are pathetic!”

J, (age 25) on her husband of 2 years. She’s into three types of outdoor sports.

Me: So, are you gonna cut down on your hobbies?
J: No way! But he’s already asking for a baby.
Me: That’ll be a check mate! Lest you can afford a maid.
J: Nnnnnope.

“Yeaahh, my boyfriend too. If he wants to go out, he just wants to be with his guy friends. But when he’s with me, he wants no one else around, if there is, he became a complete social retard! If only he’s just a little bit more accommodating.”

Ms. S (age 31), tired of looking for a new one but is one hot babe.

Will someone continue Kinsey’s Research.
There are many types of relationship from psychoanalysis point of view. Namely: Traditional Patriarchal (women weaker, controlled by husband), Traditional Matriarchal (men is regarded as little boys who need to be guided by stronger women), blaa blaaa, but the right one is the Grown-up Relationship defined as:
Issues about power and control seldom assume much importance for either partner. A peaceful relationship where both partners have the ability to deal with conflict in fair and moderate ways. Both are comfortable with developing strong personal bonds, but, at the same time, both allow each other room to maintain their individuality. The idea is to develop closer intimacy at times, while maintaining strong individuality at other times.

With so many indulgence out there and chances to find an almost compatible partner is average, would maintaining strong individuality means it’s ok to keep a platonic friend (since girls do not get the same service as men in spas)? in order to keep ourselves loyal!!!

See, women flicks over their disloyal man. Men flicks over their woman just having a male best friend who by very little chance they would have sex with.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

No Strings Attached.

Climbing difficulty: 5A - moderate

Mr. Kam : Come on! Focus!

In my head: If I let my hand go I'll surely fall.
If both feet stands on one stone, I still can't move up. Dangggg!

Mr. Kam : The string is there, just kick and grab that stone! Focus! You can do it!

In my head: I'm not gonna cheat by letting go. I've gone this far up. I'm gonna do it all on my own. [*Ego! Padahal gayat gila just hanging lose.]

Mrs Kam : Mainey, stand up! Reach up!

Me : My shoulders are tired, bring me down. [Buat muka kesian]

Mrs. Kam : Just one more and u will reach the top!

Me : [*Hesitate again x infinity} I caaaaan't.

Image hosted by
Climbing difficulty in pix: 5C - never dreamt I'd reach there.

On the flipside.

Detaching difficulty: Sticky.

Riz : Come on!
Other ppl's problem are not yours!

In my head: *Hmmmm... it's true what Celine in 'Before Sunset' said la
"The fact that there is a soulmate is just so evil".

Riz : It's time for you to do things for yourself. Stop sweeping things under the carpet!

In my head: {Hesitated x infinity] If I do this..I'll end up (*^&*^&*^. If I do that.. I'll end up *&^*^*. It's the same as sweeping things under the carpet eih!

Riz : Gimme the broom. Let me build your interest in an electrolux!

Me : Huh???? I'm keeping my broom, but I'll try to burn the carpet. Can?
Back at the gym.

Mr and Mrs Kam are one of the many young couples who frequent the climbing gym.
Tis a scene I hardly see in other sports. They obviously enjoy each other's company very much. It's one of the reasons I am comfortable being in their company.

I saw a proverb written on a white board at the (climbing) gym that says,
"The pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity.
The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty."

That hits me so hard in my head. No wonder they do not hesitate every step upwards, no wonder they want to face the challenges of being married, together, much earlier, no wonder.... no wonder...... no wonder....

I climbed faster ever since. Fear is something we can train ourselves to brave against.

All you angels who's been supportive,
Watch how I'm going to handle the rest, just you watch me.

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